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Smart’s Addict Mobile Blog posting nude pictures.

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: October 28, 2005

This is why "mobile blogging" isn't safe for kids -- Smart's Addict Mobile Blog (or AMBlog) is being swamped with nude pictures being posted via MMS by its subscribers. A recent visit to Smart's AMBlog revelead a lot of explicit nudity and sexual acts which is way beyond the borders of soft porn. Readers, beware. Pictures below are "Not Safe for Kids". Smart ought to do some serious filtering here. Reposting from Pinoy.Tech.Blog.

Your nude selfies can remain after Android factory reset

Relevance: 71%      Posted on: July 13, 2014

Avast has revealed that nudes and other intimate photos have been found on Android phones that users think they've already made clean, but it seems that the factory wipe function just stops your phone from showing where the data is stored - therefore, data is still retrievable by tools. According to the source, it is suggested that the devices vulnerable to the security flaw are the phones running software older than Android 4.0. If you're quite paranoid about the situation, than you should encrypt your data before doing the factory reset, so that just in case someone retrieves your data, it…

Tournament of Champions for Online Gamers & Cosplayers

Relevance: 64%      Posted on: November 6, 2007

On November 10, 2007, the Globe Broadband Tournament of Champions will hold its final match for the best RAN Online players across the country. The championship games will be held at the SM Mall of Asia from 10AM to 4PM where RAN Online players from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will compete for the grand prize. Earlier eliminations where done in Cebu and Davao last September and October. On the same note, another competition was held for Audition Dance Battle, a type of online dance game. The whole-day event will also showcase some bands (Yeng Constantino, Hale, Imago, Sandwich, and Sugarfree)…

The online Pinoy is curious about cybersex

Relevance: 34%      Posted on: May 16, 2006

I wrote an article about the new Google Trends over at PTB and here are some of the research keywords is Philippines is ranking #1 for the terms Friendster, YouTube, cybersex, gay sex, and abortion but only #2 for "nude pictures". Read more about "Google reveals what Pinoys are fond of…". Are Filipinos really that curious? [tags]Google Trends, search, keywords, popularity, ranking[/tags]

Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging

Relevance: 29%      Posted on: November 22, 2005

Great post here by Pinyo in his entry The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging as he lists down and explains the no-no in blogging practices: Using Free Blog Hosting Services Ignoring the Basic Principles of Good Web Site Design and Usability Being the Jack Of All Trades Not Posting Regularly Publishing Badly Written Posts Spamming and Stealing Failing to Establish a Personality I like to take emphasis more on the first bullet point there -- using free blog hosting services like BlogSpot, IMO, takes away a huge amount of credebility from your blog especially if nobody knows you, and much…

What will it take for Philippine service companies to read blogs?

Relevance: 27%      Posted on: November 12, 2005

About two weeks ago, Smart's Addict Mobile blog portal was reported as not being filtered for nude pictures. The scandal was posted in numerous other blogs but the AMBlog portal went on its exhibitionist spree. Some newspapers were alerted about this issue but they didn't pick up the story. I guess, Smart's on their top and favored advertiser's list. Or, maybe it's not really worth their while and they'd rather report about a Philippine Senator's proxy-blogging history. Anyway, Max of SunStar Cebu picked up the story in his column "Porn in Addict Mobile's blog portal". And true enough, an official…

PNP warns misbehaving cops caught on social media

Relevance: 26%      Posted on: June 25, 2014

The Philippine National Police (PNP) have recently issued a memo regarding its officers who are captured in social media violating PNP rules and regulations and traffic laws. The PNP issued a memorandum titled "PNP Personnel Violations Reported and Captured in the Social Media" which calls to attention police officers who "do not set the best examples when in public view and while performing their duties." Some police officers have been exposed on social media with the following alleged violations: * Improper use of vehicle plates; * Non-compliance to Tamang Bihis policy; * Non-wearing of helmets while riding motorcycle; * Improver…

Which is the better content?

Relevance: 26%      Posted on: December 2, 2005

I think it was monday evening when Marc, Markku and I had a short dinner and drinking spree somewhere in the Mandaluyong area (was it the PVL Food Center beside the Good Shepherd Catholic School?). As usual topics abound -- from your daily AdSense dose, corporate BS, future blogging projects/plans, to world domination. We touch something on "online content", not much on who owns it but for what it's worth. Yes, again, it has got something to do with PBB and whole bruhaha of SEO campaigns and experiments. "Take for example a blog with lots of original pictures and a…

Pinoy Big Blogger “Experiment”

Relevance: 24%      Posted on: November 20, 2005

Yeah, everybody's calling it an "experiment". Why experiment you say? Because it's all about "wanting to see, learn, and profit" from search engine traffic for popular keywords. And Pinoy Big Brother is the word these days, and so is Ang Panday. Manolo came back with a vengence to all Pinoy Big Brother bloggers out there, wanting to help political blogs like his regain the top spots in the Philippine blogosphere. Mikey surely did gave him that impression. Benefitting from search engine traffic is not about how good you write about a certain topic, how passionate you are with the issues…

Google defines Adult Content for AdSense

Relevance: 21%      Posted on: November 28, 2007

While it's fairly easy for Google AdSense bot to identify pages for blacklisted words (Stop Words), it's much harder to figure out if the contents are all made up of images or photos. This is particularly true for questionable content such as adult or mature materials. The Inside Google Blog has somewhat defined what is adult or mature content. Our policy regarding adult or mature content may include any material that is not appropriate for all audiences. While this obviously includes full nudity or sexual activity, it may also include textually explicit sexual content, image or video content containing lewd…