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Win an Asus S101 from Bo’s Coffee

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: March 13, 2009

Asus Philippines has partnered with Bo's Coffee to give away 5 units of their high-end Asus S101 netbook this summer.…

Asus External DVD-RW Drive for Netbooks

Relevance: 98%      Posted on: August 1, 2009

Asus finally made some nice external DVD writer to match their pretty netbooks and nettops -- the Asus SDRW-08D1S-U External…

Asus Eee PC T91 Tablet Netbook

Relevance: 97%      Posted on: January 7, 2009

Asus fans have been asking for a touchscreen tablet netbook so they're gonna get one. Asus just unveiled the Eee

Asus Eee PC T91 in the flesh

Relevance: 96%      Posted on: July 30, 2009

Asus sent in one of their newest netbook accessories for review. They also included the Eee PC T91 tablet netbook…

Unboxing: Asus Eee PC

Relevance: 95%      Posted on: February 9, 2008

For a couple of months now that the Asus EeePC has been available in the local market, I haven't got…

Asus G75VW is Asus’ Ultimate Gaming Laptop

Relevance: 94%      Posted on: June 18, 2012

During our trip to Taipei the other week, I was able to borrow one of Auss' latest gaming laptop, the…

Asus UX21: a Mac Air look-alike on Core i7

Relevance: 93%      Posted on: May 31, 2011

Looks like Asus is gonna beat Apple to the punch by announcing a super-thin notebook (to compete with the Macbook…

First Peek: Asus Tablet 600 with Windows RT

Relevance: 93%      Posted on: June 4, 2012

We're now live at the Asus event here in Taipei Taiwan for their unveiling of the new line of tablets.…

Asus Eee Pad becomes official

Relevance: 93%      Posted on: May 31, 2010

So Asus officially unveiled today their very own version of a tablet/slate PC, called the Eee Pad, powered by an…

Asus Eee PC 900, anyone?

Relevance: 93%      Posted on: April 21, 2008

Those waiting for the 9-inch Asus Eee PC will most probably be disappointed with the local retail price of around…