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PLDT adding charges for data transmission?

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: December 29, 2006

Andre Cruz tipped me on this breaking news on about "PLDT to charge for data transmission via its landlines". THE PHILIPPINE Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) has said it will start charging fees for data transmission using its basic telephone landlines. Through what it calls the alternate voice data line (AVD), subscribers who use the same basic telephone line for voice calls and data transmission will be required to connect a special data or voice access device to the basic telephone line. PLDT said the service will provide a secure means to automatically process and authorize credit card transactions,…

PLDT rebrands Residential DSL Packages

Relevance: 90%      Posted on: May 28, 2006

Along with the upgrades that I just discovered, PLDT also rebranded their residential broadband packages: So, they did deliver on the promise they made earlier this year, though it took them 4 months to do so. The new packages are as follows: PLDT myDSL Xperience : 384 Kbps at Php 999/month PLDT myDSL Xcite : 768 Kbps at Php 1,995/month PLDT myDSL Xcel : 2 Mbps at Php 3,000/month PLDT myDSL F2H : 5 Mbps at Php 5,000/month The PLDT myDSL F2H may soon be available in areas of Ayala Alabang, Forbes Park, Essensa and Dasmarinas Village due to some…

1 Mbps thru Smart Wifi?

Relevance: 88%      Posted on: January 6, 2006

It's called PLDT myDSL-W (as in wireless) ... same animal, different bandwidth. There are 3 residential plans for PLDT DSL-W : Plan 999 256 Kbps - Php 999 Plan 1,995 512 Kbps - Php 1,995 Plan 3,000 1 Mbps - Php 3,000 Initially available in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. If this baby becomes available in our small island-province of Guimaras, I sure do love to get connected from our little beach over there (ever heard of Alubihod beach?). A month here, a month there, ain't bad huh? Update: Also posted at PTB last October.

Sky Broadband now up to 12 Mbps

Relevance: 83%      Posted on: October 8, 2008

Sky Broadband seems to be tipping the scale for broadband speeds with offerings of up to 6Mbps and 12 Mbps packages for residential accounts. Just got a pamphlet from their roving people asking residents to switch. Previously the top speeds for residential DSL lines are somewhere between 3 to 5Mbps, but 12 Mbps? Sign me up! The new packages are as follows: Plan 6 Mbps 6Mbps downsload 1Mbps upload Free Installation Free Modem Free SkyCable Gold plan Free SkyVoice Plan 100 (Free calls to US & Canada) Monthly Service Fee: Php3,999 Plan 12 Mbps 12Mbps download 1Mbps upload Free Installation…

PLDT TelPad: Landline, DSL & Android Tablet

Relevance: 83%      Posted on: December 14, 2010

Last night, PLDT announced its new landline service called PLDT TelPad, a landline and broadband DSL service packed in an Android Tablet. The PLDT TelPad is and Android 2.2. Froyo tablet powered by a 1Ghz Cortex A8. That means users can download apps and play on the 7-inch tablet. It comes with a 2GB internal storage but there's an SD card slot and a USB port to extend that. The TelPad also carries a 2-megapixel front camera for still shots and videoconference calls. I think calls can be made via a Bluetooth headset. It also comes with a dock for

Sen. Recto calls for 10 Mbps minimum Internet speed

Relevance: 77%      Posted on: May 29, 2014

After filing Senate Bill No. 2232 or the "Free Metro Manila WiFi Act of 2014", Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto files another Senate Bill called "Bilis Konek Act of 2014" that will require ISPs to offer a minimum Internet speed of 10 Mbps. The Senate Bill 2238 or "Bilis Konek Act of 2014", would empower the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to require all ISPs and telcos in the country to provide its consumers a minimum of 10 Mbps speed for mobile broadband/Internet access. Those subscribed to fixed and fixed wireless broadband/Internet access should have at least 20 Mbps. "The…

PLDT DSL increases bandwidth allocation.

Relevance: 73%      Posted on: April 22, 2005

PLDT DSL, PLDT DSL, PLDT myDSL, PLDT DSL, PLDT myDSL Looks like the stories are true. I just checked my PLDT DSL speed at home last night and I was averaging around 480Kbps. That means my previous 386Kbps connection now tops at 512Kbps. Here's the supposed upgrade that was recently made by PLDT. 512Kbps / 256Kbps for plan 1995 768Kbps / 384Kbps for plan 2500 1mbps / 384Kbps for plan 3000 You can call them up at 171 to confirm this. Sweet deal, huh? :)

Does PLDT myDSL really suck?

Relevance: 69%      Posted on: August 10, 2005

Topic: PLDT myDSL My maiden entry at Pinoy.Tech.Blog talks about "Lousy PLDT myDSL Service". [tags]pldt, broadband, digital subscriber line, internet, pldt mydsl[/tags]

PLDTR17;s Php10/call permanent

Relevance: 66%      Posted on: January 5, 2006

Well, that's a rather nice surprise! By January 7, 2006, PLDT will be making their Php10 per call a permanent feature for all its landline subscribers. All you need to do now is activate this fetaure by calling 10-10-10 and paying an extra Php50 for your monthly subscription fee. The Php10 per call covers all PLDT landline to PLDT landline NDD calls and PLDT landline to Smart mobile phones. I believe calls from Smart mobile phone sto PLDT landline phones will still use the same old rates though. Like the previous promo, it does not also cover PLDT landline NDD…

Anyone else running PLDT WatchPad?

Relevance: 66%      Posted on: November 6, 2009

I got this DVD installer in the mail last week for PLDT WatchPad. Been seeing the ads as well on TV lately and was wondering if this is a free or paid service from PLDT to all its myDSL subscribers. Are there other PLDT myDSL subscribers getting their DVD installers in the mail too? I read that this is available if you subscribe to myDSL Plan 999, 1995 and 3000. This is streaming video so only makes sense for PLDT to offer it to high-bandwidth plans. Available channels include PBO, CNBC, MTV, GO, Animax, CNN, GMA7, Cartoon Network and National…