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On Entrepreneur Magazine December Issue

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: December 22, 2008

Got a couple of text messages and emails when I was out of the country about this short feature on the Entrepreneur Magazine. I didn't know that interview I had a couple months ago would be published in the December issue so I grabbed a copy when I got home. Ever since I read an issue of Entrepreneur Magazine in 2003, it has been a personal goal of mine to be featured in it (primarily for this specific business). Didn't know it'll take me 5 years to hit that little milestone. In the September 2008 issue of Globe Masigasig Magazine

On the Entrepreneur Magazine

Relevance: 94%      Posted on: November 19, 2007

Over four years ago, when I was just starting my first serious venture (web hosting) into the online world, I said to friends maybe one day I'll be featured in the Entrepreneur magazine. Well, I think I'm an article away from that today. :D Check out the November 2007 issue of the Entrepreneur. An old friend bought a copy the other day when he saw my name in it. And no, it's not about the web hosting business we entered into (separately) almost 5 years ago. Still, that's an article away. *heh* The article, entitled "Blogging your way to the…

Better ROI with Blog Advertising

Relevance: 50%      Posted on: February 15, 2008

I was doing a PowerPoint presentation yesterday on why advertising on blogs is better than in any other online media when I thought it would be really great if I have the figures to show and back up my claims/theories. Then I realized, I was given some Google Analytics data by a recent advertiser. And here's what I got... Without divulging too much information, I compared the performance of the ads on my blog to four (4) other sites which I know carried the same advertising. Coincidentally, the other sites were news sites, a forum and a portal so we…

Newsbreak Magazine to go 100% online

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: January 22, 2007

Just came back from the office of Newsbreak Magazine in Ortigas to discuss details of the blogging/podcasting workshop I'll be doing for them next month. I got the chance to chat with Carmela who wrote a piece on "Blogging About the Elections" and asked me to comment about the blogging atmosphere in the Philippines. (Check out the front page of their website for the story and a picture from our Christmas Meet-up last December.) At the same time, I also got the news that Newsbreak (the magazine) will be finally put to rest next month: Let me give you the…

Why SMS rates are still not down to Php0.80?

Relevance: 44%      Posted on: April 17, 2012

Last year, the NTC has sent out a memorandum to all carriers (Globe, Smart & Sun) asking everyone to lower their regular SMS rates down to Php0.80 from Php1.00. It should have been in effect since November 30, 2011. We first reported back in July 2011 where NTC ordered telcos to reduce interconnection charges from Php0.35 to just Php0.15. The difference of Php0.20 will be passed on to consumers effectively making regular SMS rates cheaper at Php0.80. However, if you will notice in your postpaid bill or even when you check your load balance for prepaid, the going rates for…

MagMyPic: Fake Magazine Covers with your Photos

Relevance: 42%      Posted on: February 7, 2008

Ever dreamed of having one of your photos featured in big time magazines like the National Geographic, Time, GQ or Sports Illustrated? You can fake your way in with Mag My Pic. We've seen this before and anyone who has some decent Photoshop skills can make one. MagMyPic just makes it much easier for everyone who has a blog or a MySpace account. Here are some of my photos in the archives I've uploaded: All you need are decent pictures to match the theme of the mag covers. You have the option to copy a code and paste it anywhere…

Essentials of a typical Advertising Rate Card

Relevance: 42%      Posted on: August 9, 2007

I started getting direct advertisers on this blog about two years ago. The other blogs just followed suit. It was an exciting prospect because the growing interest in blog advertising was something that popped out of nowhere. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for direct advertisers is to come up with an ad rate card. About 13 months ago, I shared a sample of my rate card here. You can still download a copy of the file here. It's an old one and I've actually updated that one into a new PDF file (which needs another round of…

How online ad rates are quantified?

Relevance: 42%      Posted on: March 1, 2007

A question was sent to me yesterday asking how rates are quantified in online advertising, including variables which may affect it. I believe this type questions are better addressed by internet marketers. However, I'd like to share my take on this (and please to add your comments as well or correct me). There's no exact science here, IHMO, however a lot of the people in the industry will tell you otherwise. So, let's start with the existing and more popular models; The Impression Model. This is the most common and widely used model in internet advertising as it is easily…

Growing interest in blog advertising

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: June 15, 2006

There seems to be a growing interest by companies to advertise on local blogs. This week alone, I received 3 inquiries for direct advertising here on my blog and on PTB. I have had the occasional advertisers before but they were from individuals and fellow netrepreneurs so the sale is often sealed verbally. Lately, the inquiries we're getting are from SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and top firms in the country. Of course it got me pretty excited that to the eyes of these companies, the blog is no longer just a blog or a personal journal, but a good…

Advertising on via Adbrite

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: August 2, 2006

In the last 2 weeks, I've been experimenting on advertising my business with via Adbrite. I am running Adbrite on my blog myself so I know that clickthroughs and conversions are very low, much lower than Adsense from experience. Still's Technology channel is drawing an average 6,000 uniques and 10,000 pageviews per day, considering the ads are way below the page. For a 30-day text link from Adbrite, I only get to pay around $6.05. Pretty cheap if you ask me, though the ad rates have actually increased ($120) just a few days ago. I think I got…