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August 13, 2007

Will the real kid blogger, please stand up?

As I pointed out a few days back, there’s been a ruckus over at Noemi’s blog about the identity, ownership and authorship of the blog used to run by a 13-year old kid (he’s 14 now). I have to be frank and say I initially believed it was really a 13-year old boy who created […]

July 22, 2007

OLPC brings porn to 3rd world kids

What? They didn’t thought it would come down to this? Hook up any PC to the internet and 99% of the time, it’ll end up will some sort of pr0n one way or another. Apparently, the One Laptop Per Child Project is no exception. Reuters reports that Nigerian students that have recently been beneficiaries of […]

December 05, 2006

Meeting fellow Filipino Bloggers in Jakarta

Are there any other Filipino bloggers in Jakarta right now? All I know are Mon Abasolo of who’s also a contributor at PinoyTechBlog and Armina who I knew way back in our forum days at and Mon and I will grab some dinner on Thursday night and I couldn’t get hold of […]

June 05, 2014

A boy from PH invents shoes that charge smartphones

Angelo Casimiro, a 15-year-old student from the Philippines did a little science experiment to charge smartphones or any portable device by simply walking.

February 13, 2015

20 Best #Hugot Moments on Social Media

Filipinos have a knack for bringing up their bitter past from their love lives hence the term hugot. With just a day before Valentine’s Day, a lot of these clever lines have been circulating the web and are being reposted for laughter’s sake. Here are 20 of the funniest, wittiest, and best #hugot moments we’ve seen on social media.

January 21, 2015

Wrong but Funny #DearPopeFrancis Instagrams

Pope Francis‘ visit in the Philippines gathered 6-7 million Filipinos in one place for his mass last Sunday. People waited patiently and got drenched under the rain just to get a glimpse of the well-loved pontiff. It was a historic event, which got people talking about their experiences — and yes, most especially on social media. […]

January 13, 2015

Top 3 Hashtags We’ve Seen This New Year

With the arrival of 2015, people had their own ways of welcoming the new year and just like most users they took them to their own social media sites for everyone to see. We’ve been seeing a lot of posts like these from the 2 weeks that have passed so just for fun, we decided […]

March 10, 2014

Funny and amazing stuff about tech in the Philippines

From being the text messaging capital of the world to becoming one of the top IT outsourcing hubs in the planet, the Philippines has certainly achieved a lot especially when it comes to anything that involves tech. For that we’re going to list some of the funny and amazing stuff about the technology industry in […]

July 06, 2012

Top 10 Smartphones on a Php10,000 budget

Some of us Filipinos often hesitate when it comes to upgrading to a new smartphone because of many factors. One of the most important to things to keep in mind is the budget (for obvious reasons). Why choose a phone that you can’t afford, right? You’ll just end up getting frustrated.

January 21, 2008

Sinag: Philippines’ 1st Solar Powered Car

Heard of the first solar powered car assembled by Filipinos? Saw this one at the MOA SM Science Discovery Center. They named it Sinag (Tagalog for light).

January 10, 2008

Tong-Its on Adobe Air

I used to be a gambling addict when I was a kid. I learned playing Pusoy when I was 7. Played professional mah jhong at 12. So when indie Pinoy game developer Rico Zuniga sent me a tip about this local game he developed, I spent over 3 hours playing tong-its.

October 20, 2007

Make Money Unlocking the iPhone

I admire people who has that entrepreneurial spirit. It allows them to see great opportunities during those rare occasions. During the height of the iPhone craze, a group of those business-minded people saw money hawking iPhones. Another group saw money hacking them.

September 23, 2007

Gimme some juice!

Marc and I were shopping for some suit last week in anticipation of next month’s SEMCON 2007 and Aaron Wall’s wedding with his would-be Filipina wife. While discussing details of the conference, I told him that he should be blamed for locally popularizing loaded terms such as link juice, link love and link bait. He […]

August 09, 2007

iPhone Philippines : for sale Php35,000

iPhone 4 Release Date in the Philippines iPhone 4 officially announced. Read here. Guesstimate: iPhone 4 Price on Globe Giveaway #3: Guess the iPhone 4 Price! Update: Check out our iPhone 3G Review. Globe drops iPhone 3G Price Exclusive: iPhone 3G Pictures and First Impressions August 22 Globe iPhone 3G Launch at Makati Stock Exchange […]

December 10, 2006

Thousand Bears for Bicol Project (TBB)

Please help by spreading the word or donating stuffed toys or bears for this cause: Thousand Bears for Bicol Project Today we received our 300th bear :) I will post photos in my blog this evening and send you all an update. For now, I wish to thank everyone who has so far contributed to […]

August 20, 2006

Minding the Digital Divide

During our blogging and podcasting workshop last week I was surprised to learn that about a 3rd of those who attended the 2-day activity didn’t even have an email account. The hands-on session required them to create their own blogs on Blogger and signing up requires an email account for activation. So, we had to […]

April 12, 2006

Pinay Problogger: Stef Patag

Stef is a mom of 4 and a prolific writer. She is still actually doing her book on cooking entitled “Beyond Adobo“.

April 04, 2006

Pinoy Problogger: J Angelo Racoma

Our next Filipino problogger is J Angelo Racoma, a fellow PTBer and full time blogger. He will be speaking at the iBlog Summit on the 18th about his journey to being a full time problogger so I’ll leave the more juicy parts until then.

April 01, 2006

Pinay Problogger: Melissa Atienza-Petri

The first Filipina problogger in my series of inteviews is Melissa Atienza-Petri, more commonly known as AnP in the blogging world. AnP current works for the mother company of one of the world’s top 5 providers of servers and PCs. Since her expatriation in Germany, she has been on the look-out for the best (and […]

September 26, 2005

Blogging away from rags to riches?

A couple of days a go, I got a phone call and text message from a journalist from Iloilo who wanted to interview me for his research study on Guimaras. Apparently, he found my blog in his search and was intrigued by that little description I placed on the header image of my blog (“blogging […]

August 30, 2005

Live from USA.PH

A fairly new blog with a unique, informative and sometimes insanely humorous podcast by two Pinoys — one blogging from New York and the other in Manila. The authors — “Manong Guard and Kid Flash X talk from Manila and New York City about topics concerning Filipinos all around the globe.” I’ve already listened to […]

August 04, 2005

The Philippines According to Blogs turns 1.

Today a year ago, Connie and I embarked on a new venture to popularize the Philippine Blogging Community. My original plan for PinoyBlog which I initiated in 2002 got sidelined to make way for a manually aggregated Pinoy Blog Portal. Connie’s pet project, The Philippines According to Blogs got a new home and a spanking […]

August 02, 2005

Tracing Back the Philippine’s Blogging History

Blogs have been around almost as internet was introduced in the Philippines in the early parts of 1995. During those times, the early bloggers didn’t have name for what they were doing besides calling it a personal website or an online journal. Back then, if you want to have your own blog, you’d have to […]

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