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In search for a great podcasting mic

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: April 10, 2007

You know we're pretty serious with this BoBCast when we're already in search for that ultimate podcasting mic. Last week,…

Poll: What brand of earphones are you?

Relevance: 50%      Posted on: August 18, 2011

I noticed a significane surge in the number of earphone brands being introduced in the Philippines this year. Which so…

Ideal Podcasting System

Relevance: 43%      Posted on: January 9, 2006

A client of mine called up and asked about a good podcasting system. They'll be releasing their first podcats within…

Taking Smart’s Surf TV for a spin

Relevance: 38%      Posted on: March 24, 2010

Was able to borrow a demo unit of Smart's Surf TV and was testing how the internet TV box really…

Nokia’s 1st non-phone gadget — N770

Relevance: 37%      Posted on: May 26, 2005

Nokia just unveiled their first non-phone gadget ever. Dubbed the N770, it's basically a 4-inch screen web-browsing tablet that can…

Jakarta’s WiFi Village

Relevance: 36%      Posted on: December 8, 2006

We have a short meetup with Filipina blogger Armina at the Plaza Senayan the other day along with her husband…

Off to Vigan on a Blogging Seminar

Relevance: 34%      Posted on: August 8, 2006

Looks like I'll be going up north to Vigan next week. I was just asked to do a blogging seminar…

Archos 7 Home Tablet

Relevance: 32%      Posted on: June 25, 2010

If the 4.8" screen of the Archos 5 is not big enough for you, check out the 7-inch screen of…

Bring out the Pinoy Probloggers!

Relevance: 31%      Posted on: March 29, 2006

In connection with my talk on Problogging at the 2nd Phil. Blogging Summit this April 18, we're going to hook

Xbox 360 or XPC Gaming PC?

Relevance: 31%      Posted on: January 6, 2006

A client of mine asked me whether he'd opt for an XPC Gaming PC instead of an XBox 360. He…