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The Acer Service Center Inventory Sale

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: June 29, 2006

Just found this in my Yahoo inbox. Acer Service Center is running an Inventory Sale of up to 50% off on laptops, desktops, lcd monitors. I normally shrug this off but take a good look at these great deals: Acer Ferrari 3400WLMi (AMD Turion 64, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, DVD, 128MB Radeon X600, 15.4") Before: Php 118,000 Now: Php 59,000 Acer TravelMate C112TCi Before: Php 109,000 Now: Php 59,000 Acer Aspire 1692WLMi Before: Php 69,900 Now: Php 55,000 Acer TravelMate 4651LCi Before: Php 89,900 Now: Php 45,000 LCD Screens as well are on sale: AL 1751 (17-inch) Before: Php 16,500…

Xiaomi Opens First Service Center in PH

Relevance: 97%      Posted on: October 27, 2014

Xiaomi Philippines invited a few tech bloggers to witness the official launch of the company’s first Mi Exclusive Service Center in the country. Steve Vickers, Xiaomi General Manager for Southeast Asia, was present during the opening and gave the attendees a quick tour of the newly-opened facility located at 2nd Floor of One Kennedy Place, Club Filipino Drive, Greenhills, San Juan City. During his short speech, Vickers was keen to point out that they aim to provide the best possible service to their customer through their first MI Exclusive Service Center or have their device serviced in any of the

Nikon PH launches new Store and Service Center

Relevance: 87%      Posted on: October 8, 2014

Nikon Philippines formally launched their new store and service center yesterday, October 7, at Paseo de Roxas corner Arnaiz Street in Makati City. The new store showcases not only the point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras Nikon are known for, but also different accessories for their products such as external lights, different types of lenses in all sorts of lengths and sizes, and camera bags. A training center, dubbed as the Nikon School, is also available for Nikon users who want to hone their craft and improve techniques in photography, as told by the best in the country. Customers who purchase Nikon's D3100, D3200,…

Top earning BPO & Call Center Companies in the Philippines

Relevance: 75%      Posted on: January 21, 2015

Last year we showed you a list of the top earning call center and BPO companies in the Philippines. This time we're updating that list which includes new firms and figures. Find out if your company is included. The list is provided by Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo as reported by Manila Standard Today. The top firms list is "based on their combined revenues of P250 billion ($5.9 billion) in 2013." Below are the top 45 BPO and Call Center companies in the Philippines: 1. Accenture Inc. (Php32.429 billion) 2. Convergys Philippines Services Corp. (Php19.830 billion) 3. 24/7 Customer Philippines

Facebook rolls out App Center

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: August 2, 2012

You might have noticed that nagging notification on Facebook all day yesterday. Well, it seems like Facebook has just rolled out the App Center. Both desktop and mobile apps are now available in the App Center. This new feature used to be available in the US (and a few more countries) since June but is now rolled out to other countries (internationally) such as the Philippines. The App Center is probably Facebook's way to get more people to use and stay on Facebook, both on their PC as well as their mobile phones. Remember that in the early days of…

Cebu Pacific to offer in-flight WiFi service

Relevance: 66%      Posted on: July 3, 2012

In January 1 of this year, we predicted that Cebu Pacific will offer WiFi internet service in their flights. Well, it looks like our prediction came true with Cebu Pacific announcing a partnership with OnAir to offer in-flight WiFi service. This make Cebu Pacific the first in the country (and probably one of the first few airlines in region as well) to have internet service during flights. Once Internet OnAir is in service, Cebu Pacific passengers will be able to access the Internetduring flights and make calls using Voice Over IP applications, using their Wi-Fi enabled personal electronic devices, such…

Google Data Center in Malaysia; why not the Philippines?

Relevance: 65%      Posted on: February 3, 2008

Drew points us to a brewing discussion at Slashdot over a possible new Asian Data Center being planned by Google. Rumor is that it's going to be Malaysia though reports indicate Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Vietnam to be ideal candidates as well. Wait, why isn't the Philippines even in the picture? That's where the discussions over at Slashdot was leaning forward to. And any Asian country that can grab Google's attention and business will surely get a huge boost in their IT reputation (bragging rights if you will). Google is pitting foreign governments against one another in a…

PLDT-Smart opens “Jump” Experience Center

Relevance: 64%      Posted on: August 10, 2011

PLDT and Smart today launched their first-ever "Jump" Experience Center -- a museum-like venue that showcases all of the latest trends in gadgets and technologies -- at the CyberZone, Mega Mall. The Jump Center features all the latest technologies being offered by PLDT and Smart -- including LTE, Fiber to Home and HSPA+ where people can test and experience. They will also showcase all of the high-end phones and other gadgets that are being offered by Smart and PLDT that's bundled with their services. On top of that, they're also showing upcoming gadgets in the center that has not yet…

SmartBro: Largest Broadband Service in the Philippines

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: May 12, 2008

Latest public report from PLDT Investor Relations showed Smart Bro as the largest broadband service in the country with over 384,000 subscribers nationwide since it was first launched in June 2005. In its 2008 1st Quarter report, PLDT revelead that Smart Bro's subscribers surpassed PLDT myDSL service since end of 2007. PLDT myDSL has about 300,000 subscribers by end of March 2008 and 264k at end of 2007. Based on their historical data I gathered from old annual reports, I've plotted the growth of Smart Bro since it was offered in June 2005. Legend: Dark Orange bars: Total subscribers for…

Obama and the Call Center Industry

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: November 17, 2008

Since the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States, much talk has been going around about his policies and stand on outsourcing among call center employees. My discussions with several people working in the BPO and contact center companies have been mixed. I think he might have been misunderstood in his statements where he said he's going to take some of the outsource jobs back to America. What Obama might do is give some tax breaks or tax incentives for companies if they retain employees in the US. That way, US companies might be persuaded…