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Modu Phone to become a Collector’s Item?

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: January 14, 2011

According to a news report from BGR, Modu Ltd. (makers of Modu phone, the smallest cellphone in the world) will be shutting down operations next month. We've had our chance to use the Modu phone before (see review here) and actually gave away a couple of them to our readers. Globe Telecom exclusively introduced the Modu phone in the Philippines back in September 2009 (went for about Php6,000 on a prepaid kit). With the death of the company, I think those Modu handsets will certainly become a collector's item. Anybody out there still using one of them?

Modu Phone Review

Relevance: 91%      Posted on: December 4, 2009

You don't need to spend a lot of time with the Modu phone to realize if it's for you or not. I guess it all boils down to how it fits with your lifestyle. The first time I saw the Modu, I was a bit confused how one could comfortably use this phone with that very sparse physical keys. Turns out the phone gives you a virtual alphanumeric keypad for typing a message (reminds me of the virtual keyboard of PSP, only the Modu has alphanumeric). While most phones in the market  battle it out to be your primary mobile

Modu: World’s Lightest Phone has arrived

Relevance: 91%      Posted on: September 4, 2009

At only under 43 grams, the modu phone is the world's lightest cellphone and it's now available in the Philippines thru Globe Telecom. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records, this fully functional phone is just 5 grams shy of the iPod Nano's weight. Aside from a music player, it's also a mass storage device (with 2GB internal memory). If you looked at the keypad, it doesn't seem to be the regular alphanumeric one we're familiar with. I'm curious how the navigation works. Globe will exclusively carry the distribution of the modu phone in the Philippines. No word as to…

Modu Phone Review

Relevance: 88%      Posted on: February 24, 2010

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with the Modu phone to realize if it's for you or not. I guess it all boils down to how it fits with your lifestyle. Read: Modu Phone Review

Did Twitter Popularize Mobile Blogging in the Philippines?

Relevance: 53%      Posted on: December 29, 2007

As we close in on the end of the year, I'd like to go back and review some of the more interesting discussions and debates we had throughout the year. One of them is mobile blogging (moblogging) and its future in the Philippine cybersphere. Back in April, Jayvee, Marc and I were debating on the viability of mobile blogging in the Philippines (see: Why MoBlogging isn’t hot in the Philippines?). Different viewpoints were shared -- moblogging is expensive, there are usability problems and more. My contention then was that Filipinos aren't really that hot with personal blogging. Later on, I…

Philippines ranks #7 in Mobile Web Traffic

Relevance: 53%      Posted on: May 13, 2008

The recent April 2008 traffic report from mobile advertising company AdMob reveals that the Philippines is ranked among the top 10 countries with highest traffic for the mobile web. AdMob serves ads on mobile websites and the Philippines went up to #7 with over 37 Million ad requests for the month of April. This from a total of 2.85 billion requests worldwide. The top 10 includes the ff.: 1) United States: 1.415 billion 2) India: 295.3 million 3) United Kingdom: 196.9 million 4) South Africa: 144.8 million 5) Indonesia: 137.8 million 6) Romania: 50.8 million 7) Philippines: 37.4 million 8)…

Cherry Mobile Phones Price List Philippines for June 2011

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: June 12, 2011

With true dual SIM capabilities and a suite of other top end features, the new collection of mobile phones under the Cherry Mobile brand bring next-generation connectivity to Filipino consumers at incredibly affordable prices. Cherry Mobile showcases its first handset range this 2009. Consisting of four new handsets, each range suits every type of user by designing its products that would best match different consumer lifestyles. The Cherry Mobile phones price list below is updated for June 2011: Cherry Mobile D12 price – Php 999 Cherry Mobile F16 price – Php 1,599 Cherry Mobile D20i price – Php 1,999 Cherry…

Strong Growth of Mobile Web in the Philippines

Relevance: 48%      Posted on: August 23, 2008

According to a recent report from mobile advertising company, AdMob, the country is experiencing a strong growth in the mobile web. By end of July, the Philippines is ranked #5 from #7 in May 2008, surpassing ad requests from Romania and South Africa. The main contributing factor is the strong presence of internet-capable Nokia handsets in the country. Of the top 20 handset models Nokia took 18 while the Sony PSP came in at #4 and the iPod Touch/iPhone at #18. Most popular handset was the Nokia 3510i, followed by the N70 and the N95. Breakdown of traffic sources by…

Contributing to Mobile Philippines Mag

Relevance: 48%      Posted on: October 6, 2006

I've been invited to contribute to the newly reformatted Mobile Philippine Mag and review some gadgets. I've always wanted to write for magazines or review some gears and gadgets. I thought that by blogging, I could hone my writing/communication skills and maybe one day be able write this off my top 100 things to do before I retire. :D I guess blogging did get me this gig. My first assignment is this gear: the Oakley Thump. Watch out for it on the November issue of Mobile Philippines. ;) Btw, my other feature article on PC Magazine Philippines was pushed to…

Viber to launch mobile payments in the Philippines

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: June 18, 2015

We just received a tip that Viber is secretly working on a mobile payments system to be released in the Philippines in a couple of weeks. We're not yet sure what will they call it but our bet is on Viber Pay. The payment system will allow Viber users to send virtual money to each other and perhaps also pay for services and online shopping. It's also possible Viber is targeting the over 12 million Filipinos abroad that sends over $25 billion in annual remittances. Since majority of the active Viber users are ones abroad communicating with relatives in the…