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Olympus Mju Tough 8000 Digital Camera

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: October 16, 2009

First announced in January this year, Olympus has brought their new flagship compact digital camera to the Philippines -- the…

Olympus PEN-F: 20MP MFT camera with retro-style body

Relevance: 76%      Posted on: January 27, 2016

Olympus has announced a new Micro Four Thirds System compliant Compact System Camera with a 20 megapixel sensor, 5-axis image…

Fake Nokia Touch Screen TV Phone

Relevance: 76%      Posted on: February 19, 2011

Saw this nice little TV phone tonight, brought home by my brother. At first I thought it was one of…

Olympus OM-D micro-4/3 camera is official!

Relevance: 76%      Posted on: February 8, 2012

Olympus has officially upped the ante on the micro-4/3" battle (after their initial entry back in 2008) with their new…

Olympus Air interchangeable lens camera announced

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: February 5, 2015

Olympus jumps on the wireless lens camera bandwagon with the release of the Olympus Air. Similar to Sony's QX series,…

Olympus PEN EP-3 launched, priced!

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: October 4, 2011

Red Dot Philippines today announced the release of the Olympus PEN EP-3 camera, the 3rd generation of Olympus' micro-4/3s digital

Acer Aspire Z5610 Touch Screen Desktop PC

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: December 3, 2009

Acer's new all-in-one desktop PC has a 23-inch display with touch screen capability and multi-touch support -- the Acer Aspire…

4G iPod Touch: Retina Display & HD Camera

Relevance: 70%      Posted on: September 2, 2010

Just moments ago, Apple unveiled the 4th generation iPod Touch which features a retina display and 2 cameras (one for…

6th Gen iPod Nano goes full touch-screen

Relevance: 70%      Posted on: September 2, 2010

Apple also re-designed the iPod Nano 6G and added a touch screen on a squarish form factor (reminds me of…

New iPod Nano, Touch & 120GB Classic Prices

Relevance: 69%      Posted on: September 18, 2008

Though local availability of the new line of iPod Nano, iPod Touch and the 120GB Classic is still sparse, their…