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January 23, 2015

H2O Salamander: a Pinoy-made Amphibious Tricycle

This is the kind of transportation that we need in the Philippines especially in flood-prone areas. Meet the H20 Salamander, an amphibious tricycle that is 100% Filipino-made.

April 03, 2008

Loren is going after

Sen. Loren Legarda is slowly becoming the Philippine’s anti-pron czar (or is it czarina?). Report from last week that a complaint from a concerned citizen alerted her office about the website serving as a repository of lewd materials similar to

October 13, 2005

Google promotes Pinoy porn?

Just saw one of the ads from Google AdSense promoting Filipino porn? Was a bit shocked that Google would allow advertising about pornography thru AdWords.

July 19, 2005

Pinoy Top Blogs

This page will serve as an ad-hoc blog for the Pinoy Top Blogs Project. What do we hope to accomplish with all these? Well this is a two-pronged project and I hope most of the pinoy bloggers would agree with me on these points. For Individual Bloggers: Provide an independent public metric system to compare […]

May 15, 2012

Cherry Mobile W900 Review

Cherry Mobile recently introduced yet another affordable Android smartphone they called the Dragon Phone. After more than a week’s time with it, we’re pretty sure what Cherry Mobile is gunning for with this new handset. Check out our full review of the Cherry Mobile W900 after the break.

December 12, 2010

Groupon sets up office in the Philippines

Just two weeks from the announced acquisition of Groupon, the Beeconomic team has set up office in the Philippines (as Groupon Philippines) to strengthen its presence and get better deals from local retailers to offer to members.

May 07, 2008

Have AdSense Check but no US Dollar Bank Account?

A number of people have emailed me asking about their problems with their Google AdSense Checks. So here’s the question — What to do with your Google AdSense Check if you don’t have a US Dollar Bank Account?

April 20, 2006

Digg, not democracy after all.

There’s been some “conspiracy theory” going around with Digg and one of its founder, Kevin Rose. To cut the story short — a blog got banned for exposing the so-called Digg Army which abuses the system. Well, any system is prone to abuse and gaming, but co-founder Kevin Rose was allegedly involve. Talk about gaming […]

January 16, 2006

Intel Pentium no more…

I did a quick post over at PTB about the news that Intel will be dropping the Pentium brand. See full entry at PTB. While the Pentium has been around for more than a decade, I don’t see any good reason for Intel to part with it. I can still remember the first time I […]

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