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How to Configure Proxy IP in your browser?

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: January 6, 2010

Configure a Web Proxy in Internet Explorer Note the IP address and the port number of that proxy server. In Internet Explorer, go to the < Tools > menu. Select < Internet Options >. Click on the < Connections > tab. Click on the < LAN Settings > button. Check the box next to "Use a proxy server for your LAN". Enter the IP address of the proxy you selected in Step 1 into the "Address:" box. Enter the port number of the proxy you selected in Step 1 into the "Port:" box. Click the OK. Configure a Web Proxy

Free Google Proxy Hack

Relevance: 80%      Posted on: January 10, 2006

Can't view some blogs or sites from your network? Does your office network block some of your favorite blogs? You cna now visit them using the simple Google Proxy hack: Just use this link to visit them: It's basically the built-in translation feature of Google. To visit other sites or blogs, just change the domain on the end of that URL. I tried it and works perfectly. You can even login to secure pages. I will look into the issue that some people are telling me about my blogs being inaccessible from some providers. [tags]free google proxy, google proxy

Server Problems

Relevance: 65%      Posted on: May 11, 2006

In the last 2 days, I've been having some major problems with the dedicated server I am running all my blogs and sites. For probloggers, the downtimes can only be measured by the amount of revenue that was lost. Brings me to re-think the idea of putting all my web properties in one big basket. If the server is down, all sites are down. The remedy? There's no real remedy for this actually. My previous strategy was to spread the blogs across multiple servers so that if one server is down, majority fo the other sites are still up on…

It’s time for an AMD Opteron Server

Relevance: 64%      Posted on: October 27, 2006

For several weeks now, I've been having problems with my personal dedicated server especially that PinoyTopBlogs have been tracking a growing number of Philippine blogs close to 2,000. The existing server (AMD Athlon 64 3800 + 2GB RAM + 2x80GB HDD) I'm running my blogs on was running since January this year. Despite a lot of optimization, I guess it's time to move on to a faster server. So, I got myself an AMD Opteron 246 last night -- that's 2 x 2.0GHz. Hopefully, this should last me another 12 or so months, unless I'm planning to give away another…

PLDT DSL increases bandwidth allocation.

Relevance: 63%      Posted on: April 22, 2005

PLDT DSL, PLDT DSL, PLDT myDSL, PLDT DSL, PLDT myDSL Looks like the stories are true. I just checked my PLDT DSL speed at home last night and I was averaging around 480Kbps. That means my previous 386Kbps connection now tops at 512Kbps. Here's the supposed upgrade that was recently made by PLDT. 512Kbps / 256Kbps for plan 1995 768Kbps / 384Kbps for plan 2500 1mbps / 384Kbps for plan 3000 You can call them up at 171 to confirm this. Sweet deal, huh? :)

Testing out a new Opteron Server

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: April 25, 2006

Just got the new dedicated server rolled out today and I'm in a rush to set it up. Will be moving this blog once I'm done just to see how this rig burns: AMD Dual Opteron 248 2GB ECC RAM 2 x 160GB SATA HDD 2 Terabytes bandwidth CentOS 3.4 + cPanel Will take a couple more days to patch things up and have this ready to take over the growing site. I should be done before I hit the waves this Saturday. *heh* This is basically the 2nd dedicated server we got for all the blogs and sites we…

Edimax NS-2502 SATA NAS Server

Relevance: 60%      Posted on: September 3, 2009

If you're looking into some home network storage and is always craving for more space, check out this dual-bay Gigabit NAS Server from Edimax. Been looking for some network storage solution for some time now but since I already got an external HDD, an Apple TV and HDX 1000 NMT (that's a total of 1.5TB of storage), I never found any more use for a NAS. However, the Edimax NS-2502 SATA NAS Server some some pretty nifty features that's making me reconsider. Not only is it a network storage device, it's also an iTunes Server, Media Server and BitTorrent client.…

PLDT rebrands Residential DSL Packages

Relevance: 59%      Posted on: May 28, 2006

Along with the upgrades that I just discovered, PLDT also rebranded their residential broadband packages: So, they did deliver on the promise they made earlier this year, though it took them 4 months to do so. The new packages are as follows: PLDT myDSL Xperience : 384 Kbps at Php 999/month PLDT myDSL Xcite : 768 Kbps at Php 1,995/month PLDT myDSL Xcel : 2 Mbps at Php 3,000/month PLDT myDSL F2H : 5 Mbps at Php 5,000/month The PLDT myDSL F2H may soon be available in areas of Ayala Alabang, Forbes Park, Essensa and Dasmarinas Village due to some…

Does PLDT myDSL really suck?

Relevance: 59%      Posted on: August 10, 2005

Topic: PLDT myDSL My maiden entry at Pinoy.Tech.Blog talks about "Lousy PLDT myDSL Service". [tags]pldt, broadband, digital subscriber line, internet, pldt mydsl[/tags]

Why is Apple not winning the Server Market?

Relevance: 58%      Posted on: September 6, 2008

This has been a lingering question for some time. The MacBooks, the Airs, iMacs and Mac Pros are all gaining market share but why is Apple's solid OS+hardware combo not doing well in the enterprise and hosting industry? Just look at the Apple XServe -- it's a monster of a server. Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Harpertown” 5400 3.0GHz 32GB of 800MHz DDR2 ECC FB-DIMM (fully buffered DIMM) memory Mac OSX Server v10.5 Leopard 64bit Up to 3 Terabytes SATA HDD storage In my 6 years doing business in the hosting industry, I haven't really bumped into a data center which offers…