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SM management limits free WiFi access

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: July 16, 2013

Whenever, I’m at an SM Mall, I immediately connect to their free Wi-Fi service to keep my feeds updated all throughout my stay. But just recently when I was at the SM Mall of Asia, I noticed that the Wi-Fi connection on my Nexus 4 was automatically disconnected. That’s when I saw a notification on my browser stating that I have reached the maximum free WiFi access for the day. After that, I tried connecting on my Nexus 7 - and only just then that I spotted the time limit - 1 hour. This may come as a bad news…

Free or Paid Content?

Relevance: 99%      Posted on: November 21, 2007

Here's one debate I've been trying to explain to several top notch bloggers for some time now. While the going trend in the blogosphere has been to go free and ride on the advertising wagon, some still believe that the subscription model is doable. There are two sides of the coin here: As readers, we surely want content to be free, do doubt about that. Yet, in return we see the sites and blogs offering free content dumping as much advertising as they can in return. And yes, advertising has been a proven business model for decades -- that's why…

Apple Music: music streaming for iOS and Android

Relevance: 91%      Posted on: June 9, 2015

Along with the announcement of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, Apple has also announced their upcoming music streaming service called Apple Music which will be made available for iOS and Android. Apple Music will go head-to-head with other big music streaming services like Spotify. It boasts a catalog of over 30 million songs, a live radio station called Beats 1 which broadcasts live 24 hours a day to over 100 countries, and Connect where artists can share lyrics, backstage photos, videos or even release their latest song directly to fans directly from their iPhone. Apple Music will be…

Music in the Digital Era: Buy, Borrow or Steal?

Relevance: 87%      Posted on: January 23, 2008

Here's another interesting poll for everyone -- music piracy. Let's admit it, 99% of us here have had downloaded an mp3 or two (thousand) in their lifetime. Luis explains the reasons why piracy is not the root cause for the decline of the music industry locally. However, I think the phenomenon is worldwide rather than just domestic though in these parts of the region, it's more prevalent. I remember downloading mp3s from mIRC as far back in the late 90s thinking it's okay since I'm buying CDs anyway. And it's not just music -- movies, tv shows, pc and console…

Poll: What’s your in-car music solution?

Relevance: 80%      Posted on: May 11, 2011

Was setting up my in-car music system the other day and realized I haven't been using the CD player for a long time. I used to burn MP3 music into CDs and use them in the car but have switched to the iPod in recent years. So I'm curious what drivers prefer as source of their music inside the car. Let's put this to a poll and see what's the most popular, shall we? I used the built-in CD/MP3 player in the car. I prefer tuning in to FM radio. Cassette tape FTW! I hook up my iPod/Zune/MP3 player to…

Apple Music cheapest in India at $2, only $3 in Philippines

Relevance: 80%      Posted on: July 2, 2015

When Apple announced their own music streaming service, top contenders like Spotify found itself a strong competitor in Apple Music. However, Apple's $10-a-month subscription seemed to expensive for Asian countries like the Philippines where Spotify Premium is just Php129. Apple is dangling a better carrot by offering 3 months free membership. But after that, you will be charged automatically. The basic Spotify service is free though but with limited features and with ads inserted between playbacks. Now that the service is being rolled out in many countries, looks like subscription prices for Apple Music are significantly different. In poorer countries,…

How much should music cost?

Relevance: 75%      Posted on: October 15, 2007

After my talk at the SEMCON last week, I was approached by several attendees to discuss several stuff. One of the topics included the state of online music store in the Philippines. The main question I was trying to answer was -- How much should music cost? Well, we already know Apple set the universal trend of $0.99 per song but other players like AmazonMP3 are challenging that. Still, the notion that you'll have to shell out Php45 a pop for your mp3 seemed insane in the Philippine internet landscape. For over a decade, the majority of Filipinos got their…

Centralized Google AdSense Ad Management

Relevance: 74%      Posted on: October 24, 2007

Google just announced an upcoming change in its AdSense Program that allows Publishers to modify their ads without changing the code. The ad code management will then be centralized in the AdSense panel. This new ad management feature means that your ad unit settings (such as colors and channels) for new AdSense for content ad units will be saved in your AdSense account every time you generate ad code. Then, if you'd like to change any of these settings in the future, all you do is make the update within your account -- you'll no longer need to manually replace…

LG Music Flow P7: Bluetooth speakers for under Php7K

Relevance: 74%      Posted on: April 8, 2015

LG has launched in the Philippines the Music Flow P7, a portable Bluetooth speaker priced at under Php7K. LG Music Flow P7 features: * Bluetooth connectivity * Dual-Play - lets you connect one smartphone to two Music FLow P7s * Multipoint - up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices can connect at the same time and allows easy switching between devices. * TV Sound Sync - allows compatible LG TV to connoect to two Music Flow P7s for better sound. * 2,600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery * LG Auto Sound Engine w/ two passive radiators The LG Music Flow P7 is priced at…

Poll: When’s the last time you bought a music CD?

Relevance: 74%      Posted on: February 18, 2012

Was listening to a noontime show this afternoon when I heard my music artist promoting his new album (I think it was Charlie Green). Didn't hear them promoting iTunes or even the local equivalent (MyMusicStore). I guess some people still buy CD albums until today. I haven't bought a single one for over 5 years now because I've completely gone all-digital. The only I use a CD audio is with the car stereo but that's mostly burned MP3 songs. I'd like to throw the question to my readers out there -- when was the last time you bought a music