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Razer CEO let us in on Project Fiona’s final specs

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: December 13, 2012

Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer USA Ltd. has recently announced the final specs of their upcoming gaming tablet coined Project Fiona. One of the standouts of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is Razer’s gaming tablet called Project Fiona. But several months after its first public appearance, there’s been little to no news about the gaming tablet which led gamers to think that it’s too good of a plan to be true. In recent times (starting around October), however, Min-Liang Tan have asked what gamers would like to see on the impending slate through his Facebook page. The suggestions he asked…

Razer showcases Project Fiona PC Gaming Tablet

Relevance: 91%      Posted on: January 11, 2012

Razer highlights its new tablet designed specifically for PC Gaming. This tablet concept, runninf an Intel Core i7 processor, should be ready for Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 once it becomes available. A few months ago, Razer also showed its design of what a true gaming laptop should look like. This time around, it's a PC gaming tablet. Imagine if they can put the same hardware configuration for this gaming tablet (Core i7, 8GB RAM, SSD storage, NVidia GT-555M with 2GB GDDR5, etc.). It's also possible this tablet will run on Windows 8. Razer estimates the price of this PC…

Razer showcases Edge aka Project Fiona

Relevance: 76%      Posted on: January 10, 2013

It was at last year’s CES when Razer revealed their plans of making a Windows-based gaming tablet. At this year’s convention, they unveiled their latest creation; the world’s first crowd-sourced gaming tablet which was only previously known as Project Fiona, but not now goes by the name of Edge. Back in December, the CEO of the company has posted what their fans can expect from their upcoming slate in terms of its specs. There were some aspects of the tablet that was yet to be revealed back then, but now they go all out and, not so surprisingly, the end…

Razer announces Project Christine PC & Nabu wristband

Relevance: 43%      Posted on: January 8, 2014

While majority of the gaming community is focused on the next-gen gaming consoles & Steam machines, Razer goes out of the way to introduce Project Christine & the Nabu. Project Christine is the company's first desktop PC, and it is focused on making modding & customizing a breeze for average consumers. Since it's entirely modular, the specs of the device can be wide range of configurations, but are not set yet. Razer basically just put the idea out there in the open to see if it gains traction, much like Kickstarter, and if it does get the interest that it…

Google teams up with RockChip for Project Ara SOC

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: August 27, 2014

Google has announced that they are teaming up with China-based chipmaker RockChip to come up with a System-on-Chip that will be used on the modular Project Ara handset. The team that oversees the development of Project Ara said that the goal to make a new SoC, with the help of RockChip, that will have a UniPro interface, which would then allow the chip to “function as an application processor in an Ara module without the need for a bridge chip.” According to the team, they’re hoping to demo a working Ara prototype running on RockChip SoC during the early part…

Sony unveils Project Morpheus, VR headset for PS4

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: March 19, 2014

It has been long rumored that Sony is working on a Virtual Reality headset. Today though, all of those speculations were laid to rest as the company introduced the Project Morpheus at this year’s Game Developer Conference. The Project Morpheus has an LCD panel with 1080p resolution and gives a 90-degree field of view. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a pair of motion sensors (Accelerometer and Gyroscope) which plays nicely with the PlayStation 4’s camera. Now in terms of sound, Sony touts that Project Morpheus is endowed with 3D Audio Technology which, in conjunction with its Gyroscope, allows the device to…

Project Ara to have Sennheiser’s audio expertise

Relevance: 40%      Posted on: May 13, 2014

Many have been waiting for the arrival of this module-based smartphone for the simple reason that you can just buy the specific parts you need to build your very own handset. Now, those who consider themselves audiophiles can appreciate this device even more as Sennheiser partners up with Phonebloks – the development group behind the awaited Project Ara by Google. The audio company behind today’s quality headphones has just announced partnership with the same group that‘s making Project Ara. For those unfamiliar, Project Ara is an upcoming smartphone that functions like a computer. From its basic state, users can add…

Guesting on The Explainer @ ANC about the NBN Project

Relevance: 40%      Posted on: September 29, 2007

Will be guesting on ANC's The Explainer with Manolo this Tuesday, 6PM to share my thoughts about the NBN Project. I wrote some of the underlying technical issues (politics aside) over at PTB and wanted to solicit more of your technical opinions on the matter.

Toshiba will manufacture Project Ara’s processors

Relevance: 39%      Posted on: May 24, 2014

On an unexpected note, it looks like we’ll be seeing Toshiba-made CPUs once Google’s Project Ara becomes available on January. There are also three types of processors that the Japanese company will supply Google. You’d think the upcoming Project Ara will be backed up by a Qualcomm CPU since they’re the front-runner and leading provider of wireless technology today, but Toshiba closed the deal and made it official last October. According to the report, Toshiba is the only Japanese company that is a “preferred supplier” of Google to handle this new technology of handsets with removable and replaceable modules. The three…

Google introduces Project Fi wireless service

Relevance: 39%      Posted on: April 23, 2015

Google has introduced a new wireless service called Project Fi which aims to provide its subscribers the best network connection at their location whether its WiFi or 4G LTE. Project Fi is basically a service that gives you access to a bundle of wireless connection using the Project Fi SIM card. As mentioned earlier it aims to connect you to the highest-quality of connection available in your area. If you're in a location where there is a healthy 4G LTE connection, Project Fi will automatically connect you on that network. If 4G LTE is not available it will then automatically…