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Smart’s Addict Mobile Blog posting nude pictures.

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: October 28, 2005

This is why "mobile blogging" isn't safe for kids -- Smart's Addict Mobile Blog (or AMBlog) is being swamped with nude pictures being posted via MMS by its subscribers. A recent visit to Smart's AMBlog revelead a lot of explicit nudity and sexual acts which is way beyond the borders of soft porn. Readers, beware. Pictures below are "Not Safe for Kids". Smart ought to do some serious filtering here. Reposting from Pinoy.Tech.Blog.

Google releases Photo Sphere Camera for iOS

Relevance: 81%      Posted on: August 20, 2014

Google has finally released an iOS version of its popular camera app, Photo Sphere, that lets users capture 360-degree images and publish them to Google Maps. Photo Sphere Camera features: • Outdoor enthusiasts: from mountain top vistas to towering forests, Photo Sphere Camera helps you easily share 360º views of the great outdoors. • City lovers: the energy of the streets, the soaring skyscrapers, the historic landmarks: you can capture it all with a photo sphere. • Add your photo spheres to Google Maps to help others explore the world and make more informed travel decisions. The Photo Sphere Camera…

Genius Photo Keychain

Relevance: 81%      Posted on: September 23, 2008

This one goes to "that little cute thingie" category. The Genius DPF-K150 is a regular keychain and digital photo viewer. The keychain looks like mini digital photo album with a 1.5 inch screen display. It stores up to 60 photos which is not that much but could get the fancy of some people. Photos can be displayed as a slide show at varying speeds and supports JPG/BMP format. It also includes a real-time clock, alarm and calendar display. Will retail for Php1,200 when it hits the stores.

Facebook rolls out Photo Sync for Android and iOS

Relevance: 77%      Posted on: December 2, 2012

One of the first things that greeted me this morning on Facebook was Photo Sync - a feature that let's you upload photos automatically from your mobile device to the social network. The concept is pretty simple, Photo Syncing lets you save the photos from your phone's gallery to Facebook automatically, similar to what Google+ does with its instant photo uploads. Facebook then stores the photos in your private folder so you can choose which ones to share later on. To access this feature just go to your Timeline on your Android or iOS device, tap on Photos then tap…

Adobe Photo Express on Beta

Relevance: 75%      Posted on: March 28, 2008

First time I heard of the new web-based Adobe Photo Express, I couldn't quite figure if it were really a photo gallery trying to compete with Flickr or just an trimmed down Photoshop version for the web. Looks like it's both. I don't have a Flickr account so I can't seriously compare it with that but I've tried a couple of web photo editors for a while now (Snipshot). Adobe Photo Express isn't a PhotoShop -- it shouldn't be since all we need for a web-based photo editor are the basic editing functions, corrective features/filters and some funky effects. The…

Photo World Asia 2009

Relevance: 75%      Posted on: February 1, 2009

The Photo World Asia 2009 is currently being held at the Glorietta Activity Center (started last January 29 until February 4, 2009). Went to the venue yesterday to check out if there are some new stuff to see. Sad to say though but the event seems uneventful. I've been to the same in the last 2 years (Photo World Manila 2007, Photo World Asia 2008) and this year's round-up was smaller than ever. I think the event only took half the space of the activity center and there wasn't much activity going. Of course, the Canon booth always took the…

Personalize your ZX Flux with Photo Print

Relevance: 73%      Posted on: May 19, 2014

Adidas has posted a short video on Instagram which showcases different colors of the ZX Flux that’s made possible through the company’s proprietary app called Photo Print. In a nutshell, Adidas’ Photo Print app will allow users to pick a photo they’ve posted on Instagram, whether that be the food they ate or the place they went to, and apply it on their custom-made ZX Flux. And to showcase what their app can do to add more flavor to the pair of trainers, they’ve posted a 15-seconds-long video (seen below) on the popular photo-sharing website for all the world to…

Your nude selfies can remain after Android factory reset

Relevance: 71%      Posted on: July 13, 2014

Avast has revealed that nudes and other intimate photos have been found on Android phones that users think they've already made clean, but it seems that the factory wipe function just stops your phone from showing where the data is stored - therefore, data is still retrievable by tools. According to the source, it is suggested that the devices vulnerable to the security flaw are the phones running software older than Android 4.0. If you're quite paranoid about the situation, than you should encrypt your data before doing the factory reset, so that just in case someone retrieves your data, it…

The Canon Rebel XT that my Photo Gallery bought

Relevance: 70%      Posted on: July 16, 2006

It's finally been bought -- the Canon EOS 350D is now officially a part of my gadget collection. (Couldn't get pictures of it because my Ixus' battery charger died out on me.) Thanks to my Photo Gallery which practically earned the entire amount fund the new digital camera. Well, you can say that my Canon Ixus 30 which I bought in March last year is the big momma of the Rebel XT (i.e. katulad sa taxi -- nanganganak din ang camera). Here's the AdSense screenshot for the Photo Gallery to those who are curious how much it costs to get…

Digital Photo Printing: Commercial or Home Brew?

Relevance: 69%      Posted on: August 25, 2007

Ever since I got into digital photography 2 years ago, I've always sent my digital photos to commercial printers. I personally use DigiPrint as I'm also a member of their DigiPrint Pro club. I've also noticed a lot of friends and fellow bloggers giving out personal calling cards made from printed photo papers. Some are done commercially (3 pieces can fit in a 4R) while others do their own printing. So, which one is actually better? Just the other day, I bought a Canon Pixma iP4300 Photo Inkjet Printer. I thought I'd also try some home brew photo printing and…