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December 28, 2007

Lessons on Domain Name Squatting

For months now, Marc has been joking that he’ll sell me a domain I should have owned years ago. So yes, I really intended to get the domain last month, and I thought I already did (along with several other personally branded ones).

March 30, 2007

Joel Disini responds to dot.PH Pricing discussion

Joel Disini, President & CEO of dot.PH, responds to our earlier discussion here last October entitled “Why dotPH is still expensive?“. In his comment, left yesterday evening, he said: Hi, I just recently discovered this thread, and I thought I’d directly respond to the group. Hopefully, people are still willing to discuss this topic. My […]

March 28, 2007

Domain ccTLD affects Google SERPs

One of the latest post at the official Google Webmaster Central Blog hints that the country-code of domains along with the server location affects the SERPs of a website: Use regional and geographical domains in line with their purpose. First, a sidenote for the Western webmasters: some Eastern European countries like Poland and Russia have […]

October 25, 2006

Why dotPH is still expensive?

This is an ongoing discussion over at SEO Philippines Yahoogroups so I’m re-posting my answer there here. Disclosure: I am an .PH reseller. I have been meeting with the PH team for some time now and I have been somewhat discussing with them the idea of lowering the prices. I’ve also had talks with JJ […]

May 18, 2005

Official .PH Registrar

Today, became an official .PH Registrar. My initial talks with the people I knew from dot.PH went into a reality. Had a meeting with them around lunch today and signed off as a dot.PH Partner thru their Registrar Program. This will allow us to provide better domain management and service to our clients. And […]

February 08, 2008

Is a Google-Yahoo merger any better?

The hostile bid by Microsoft to buyout Yahoo for $44.6 billion has prompted a lot of wild speculations for other players, including the Valley giant Google. In essence, the big G is one of those who can afford to buy Yahoo but US anti-competitive laws will obviously not allow it. Let’s just say for a […]

November 06, 2007

Updates from the Plex

Some noteworthy updates from the Googleplex. The rumored GPhone ain’t real, some Western Union problems for Google AdSense, the Google OpenSocial goes live and a little disappointing plus more news from Mountain View.

September 07, 2007

Pinoy Top Blogs is Changing Hands

After several months of negotiations, I have finally agreed to sell the Pinoy Top Blogs project. It’s a decision that was very hard to make but I figured that the future of the project will be more secured with the new owners. Several thins prompted me to move into making this decision and I’d like […]

August 10, 2007

Wash, rinse and repeat…

They say that if you have a proven and tested way of solving things, get on with it and don’t deviate from the usual approach. But what if that doesn’t solve it? Well, think outside the box. Just don’t re-invent the wheel. See more tidbits after the jump.

July 29, 2007

The Quad Cores are down by half!

I almost bought an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 (2.8GHz) 2 weeks ago. Good thing I waited. That time, the Intel Q6600 2.4GHz 8MB (Core 2 Duo Quad Core) was selling for a steep price of Php29,500. Well, that’s 4 cores in all so I thought the price was justified. That time, AMD announced its […]

April 23, 2007

What is a visit?

The topic on what constitutes a single unique visit has been discussed so many times but until today the debate is still ongoing. A journalist once called me up to clarify the idea of a unique visitors for a story he’s researching on and all of the people he’d asked told him a slightly different […]

March 26, 2007

BoBCast, Episode 2: Luk4 Angel Locsin

Band of Bloggers PodCast, Episode 2: Luk4 Angel Locsin Hosted by: Yuga & Jayvee Guests: Aileen Apolo, Sasha Manuel, Rico Mossesgeld Time: 20 minutes Show Notes: Google Adsense Pay-per-Action (PPA) Luk4 Mobile Yellowpages ( Google Zeitgeist – Pricess Hours, Naruto & Angel Locsin Palm selling to Nokia or Motorola Genuine Opposition Blog Sigma APO 200-500mm […]

December 09, 2006

Tri-isys popping ads on dial-up user sessions?

This tip was sent to me by a regular reader to investigate, though I think others might be able to help me with this if they’re on dial-up and using ISP Bonanza. Here’s an excerpt of the email sent to me:

February 07, 2006

TBH back on sale for $50k

Looks like The Blog Herald’s $72,000 sale did not push thru and I guess those who sent in those $65k and $60k bids also backed out. Now, TBH is being auctioned off at SitePoint forums for a BIN of $50 grand. Traffic details and blog profile looked really nice: Age of site (months): 36 Monthly […]

November 25, 2005

How to Survive a Blog Crash

Jong’s blog went offline for several days only to go back online with most of his archives gone, vanished to oblivion. It could have been prevented. Here are several things you might keep in mind to prevent such tragedy to happen with your blog: Backup. This is the single most important step. There are half […]

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