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Cherry Mobile officially unveils SkyFire 2.0

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: May 10, 2013

Cherry Mobile has officially unveiled its latest affordable Android smartphone that is powered by a Snapdragon quad-core processor, the SkyFire 2.0. For starters, the Skyfire 2.0 sports a 5-inch qHD scratch resistant display with a pixel density of 220ppi. It has an 8 megapixel shooter with flash, 2 megapixel front, 4GB of internal storage, and dual-SIM capabilities. Powering the device is a Snapdragon S4 quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.1 Jellybean. Cherry Mobile SkyFire 2.0 specs: 5" qHD (960 x 540) scratch resistant display, 220ppi Snapdragon S4 Quad-Core Processor 1.2GHz 1GB of RAM 4GB internal storage up…

Cherry Mobile teases quad-core Skyfire 2.0

Relevance: 97%      Posted on: April 30, 2013

Successors to the Flame and the Omega are already out, but it looks like CM has another sequel up its sleeve, and it's for the Skyfire. A photo on their Facebook page teases a Skyfire 2.0 that is supposedly quad-core like the Fusion Fire, the Fusion Bolt and the Flame 2.0. CM has been planning a lot of follow-ups lately, since they also teased another phone. At first, we thought that it was the next Dragon phone, but if you make out with the motion blurred text, you'll definitely read Skyfire 2.0. The first Skyfire hosts a 4.7-inch display & a dual-core…

Hands-on: Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0

Relevance: 92%      Posted on: May 28, 2013

When the Cherry Mobile Hyper dropped by our HQ last week, it tagged along another 5-inch handset which goes by the name of Skyfire 2.0. While we’re still prepping our full review, we thought of sharing our initial thoughts about the handset. The latest Skyfire is among the first batch of handsets that received a 2.0 moniker next to its name. As you might’ve already guessed, the name isn’t the only thing that changed here and we’ve taken the liberty of enumerating some of the improvements that the Skyfire 2.0 has over its predecessor. Design and Construction We can’t help…

Cherry Mobile teases Flame, 5.3″ Omega on Jellybean

Relevance: 34%      Posted on: November 24, 2012


Cherry Mobile just posted a very intriguing photo on their Facebook page, featuring the Cherry Mobile Skyfire, Flame and Omega. Earlier this week, the company teased us by posting a photo with "CherryBeans!" as its caption. Surely that is an indication that they will be offering Android phones running Jellybean. After that, Cherry Mobile changed their cover photo; it featured the Skyfire and two other Android phones, namely Flame and Omega. The specs were pixelated to further our excitement, but if you inspect closely, you can make out with what the text conveys. The Flame is expected to have a…

How many smartphones did Cherry Mobile release in a year?

Relevance: 18%      Posted on: June 12, 2014

Cherry Mobile has released (and continues to release) so many smartphones that it became too difficult for consumers and writers to keep track of all of it. So if you’re curious to know just how many Android handsets the local company released in the span of one year, head past the break and we’ll give you the full rundown of all the phones that was released from the second quarter of 2013 up to this time. Q2 2013 Blaze 2.0 Burst 2.0 Click Flare 2.0 Hyper Omega HD 2.0 Razor Skyfire 2.0 Snap Sonic Thunder 2.0 Q3 2013 Apollo Cosmos…

Cherry Mobile Flare, Burst, Thunder & Blaze goes 2.0

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: May 26, 2013


We already have several CM phones out with the moniker "2.0" such as the Flame and the SkyFire. The company's Thailand site seems to show that there are more on the way - Flare 2.0, Burst 2.0, Thunder 2.0 & Blaze 2.0. We took the pleasure of taking the (distorted) images from the site and reformed them according to their displays, so let's start with the smallest one - the Flare 2.0. The phone will run on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM. It also has a 4-inch display with a battery of 1,500mAh and it will all be…