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Temple Run 2 Arrives On iOS For Free

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: January 16, 2013

temple run 2

One of the most popular mobile games, Temple Run, has now a sequel - Temple Run 2, which is sure to consume a lot of your time once you download it on your iOS device. The game will be available within at least 24 hours for the rest of the world, as it arrived already in New Zealand. Temple Run 2 features a new environment, the same yet slightly improved gameplay with mine carts & zip lines and some visual upgrades. Of course there are more new stuff, such as the new 'demon gorilla' that replaced the demon monkeys that…

Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 now available

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: March 28, 2013

Windows Phone 8 users who are fans of the Imangi Studios game Temple Run need not feel left out (sort of) as the game is now available for download at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Nothing new to expect on the WP version of the app. Gameplay is still the same, still addictive, but it's gonna feel like you're playing a classic now that Temple Run 2 is around. Temple Run for WP is on version 1.5 and so far has an overall rating of four stars out of five. Some users report that graphics are great but misses out on…

Temple Run for WP8 handset with 512MB RAM

Relevance: 96%      Posted on: June 27, 2013

Although the Windows Phone platform has always been criticized for its limited app selection, Microsoft has been taking short strides to include popular apps in to their offering and making sure that it works on most devices. Case of the statement is Temple Run for WP8 intended for handsets with 512MB RAM. Previously the game can only be installed on handsets with 1GB RAM. As you would’ve expected, a lot of WP8 users were pissed by this and some requested for the game to be made available for lower spec’d devices. True enough, Microsoft delivered. Although I personally don’t see…

Temple Run 2 Now Available For Android

Relevance: 96%      Posted on: January 24, 2013

temple run 2

Looks like we didn't have to wait so long after all - unlike the first release of Temple Run. Temple Run 2 has been available for quite a while now on iOS, and it looks like Android has caught up in a week or so. Android already has it for free with growing numbers of downloads. So far, we didn't find it in the Play Store app, so we had it installed via the link down below. To give you a quick refresh, Temple Run 2 features a new environment, a new demon monkey chasing you, new stunts and graphic…

Temple Run, Brave Edition

Relevance: 94%      Posted on: June 17, 2012

If you’ve watched a film in a movie house recently, then you’ve most likely heard or seen of Disney-Pixar's upcoming animated film about a boyish princess, Brave. To add more hype to it, they’ve team up with Imangi Studios and have recently released a paid version of the popular running game Temple Run. Temple Run: Brave is basically the same as the one that was previously released; only this time the character will be the film's protagonist Merida being chased by what seems to be a bear (most likely to be Mordu) with arrows on its back. Sticking to the…

Much Ado about Google Wave

Relevance: 89%      Posted on: October 19, 2009

We saw a preview of Google Wave a couple months back and we got excited. Now that a limited release has been going around (via invites), Wave users start trickling in. But after some time in front of the Google Wave screen, it feels like all the excitement has fizzled. Well, this is supposed to be a new way to communicate with people but if you're the only one among friends who has a Google Wave account then there's nobody to communicate with. You'd eventually end up leaving the window and forget about it. So unless Google puts Mafia Wars…

Temple Run: Oz now out for Android and iOS

Relevance: 88%      Posted on: March 7, 2013

Many of you are probably still playing Temple Run 2, and here we are with another release. Temple Run: Oz incorporates many new elements once again and it does not fail to impress. Basically, the game is based on the movie Oz: The Great and Powerful, similar to how Temple Run: Brave was based on Disney's Brave. The main highlight here is simply the theme as there will be times that you'll fly on a hot air balloon and go through several interactive obstacles. The gameplay will still be the same for the most part. If you're up for another run,…

Download Temple Run for Android

Relevance: 87%      Posted on: March 28, 2012

The popular game Temple Run which used to be only for the iPhone and iPad is now available for Android devices as well (smartphones and tablets alike). We've downloaded it on a number of devices and played with it. Temple Run for Android was made available in the Google Play Store on March 27 and has been rated by over 11,000 users in the first 24 hours of availability. There's still no data on how many people have downloaded the game so far but we are looking at hundreds of thousands in the next 24 to 48 hours. The game

Two more Samsung Wave phones on Bada

Relevance: 78%      Posted on: August 23, 2010

Two more Samsung Wave smartphones will come out in the next couple of months -- the Samsung S5250 Wave 2 and Samsung S5330 Wave 2 Pro. Both handsets will also run the Bada OS and will be much cheaper than its predecessor. Samsung S5250 Wave 2 240 x 400 pixels, 3.2 inches 100MB internal memory up to 16GB via microSD GPRS/EDGE WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth 2.1 3.15MP camera FM tuner w/ FM recording GPS w/ aGPS Bada OS Li-Ion battery 1200mAh TouchWiz UI 3.0 Suggested retail price of Samsung S5250 Wave 2 is going to be Php8,990 and is expected…

Samsung Wave Price and Launch Date

Relevance: 75%      Posted on: May 13, 2010

So I shared my first impressions of the upcoming Samsung Wave S8500 last week and gave a possible price-point. Turns out it's cheaper than we've expected. In a Developer Conference this afternoon, Samsung Philippines introduced their own home-grown operating system, Bada, and the first handset to run it -- the Samsung Wave. Turns out my initial estimate was a bit off. The Wave will have a suggested retail price of Php19,900 (as opposed to the Php20k++ I posted before). The model will have a 2GB internal storage and comes with an additional 1GB via microSD card (max of 32GB). The…