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Acer Aspire One D260 on 22-hour battery life

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: June 25, 2010

So I got this Acer Aspire One D260 in Singapore during the PC Show 2010 earlier this month. I got…

Asus Zenfone variants show Performance vs. Battery Life

Relevance: 95%      Posted on: September 6, 2015

With over a dozen variants of the Asus Zenfone, we looked over most of them and measured their battery life

How laptop battery life is computed?

Relevance: 95%      Posted on: March 12, 2010

For some time now, claims of more than 10 hours of battery life on netbooks are often times unbelievable and…

Extending Laptop Battery Life

Relevance: 93%      Posted on: March 22, 2006

Ka Edong mentioned about his friend who was able to extend his laptop battery life up to 9 freakin's hours!…

List of smartphones with longest battery life

Relevance: 92%      Posted on: April 19, 2014

We all know that having a feature-packed smartphone means nothing if it has poor battery life that won’t last a…

Android Smartphones Ranked by Battery Life

Relevance: 92%      Posted on: July 27, 2015

One of the most important factors when considering a new smartphone is its battery life. And while usage behavior will…

Starmobile UP Max tops our Android battery life ranking

Relevance: 90%      Posted on: August 18, 2015

As most of you know, we have compiled a list of PCMark battery test results of Android devices in our…

YugaTech’s Top 5 Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life

Relevance: 89%      Posted on: November 21, 2015

We've been updating our Android Smartphone Battery Rankings for a few months now to give our readers an idea how…

5 Tips to Extend your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Relevance: 89%      Posted on: September 30, 2014

Apart from keeping a powerbank handy whenever you’re away from a power outlet, there are other ways to keep your…

Acer Chromebook 13, Tegra K1-powered with 13-hour battery life

Relevance: 87%      Posted on: August 13, 2014

Following the announcement of the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, the company has also announced the industry's first Chromebook to be…