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How your gadgets are priced in the Philippines

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: October 19, 2010

I've always wondered how gadgets (or electronic appliances) are priced when they land in the Philippines. Been asking around and doing some research and here's what I got from various sources. There's the basic computation and there's the more complex computation but basically it all boils down to taxes, profit margins, taxes and more taxes. Here's the basic formula: { Landed Cost + (3% to 50%) Import Tax } * 12% Value Added Tax = Net Landed Cost The net landed cost is between 15% to 62% on top of the basic cost. This is just the cost to the

Top 10 Most Searched Gadgets in the Philippines

Relevance: 98%      Posted on: December 21, 2014

Similar to what Google has done, Yahoo Philippines has released its own 2014 Year in Review which highlighted the most searched celebs, politician, as well as gadgets this year in Philippines. Unsurprisingly, the Apple iPhone 6 topped the list of most searched gadgets in the Philippines by Yahoo users. This is due to the fact that this is the first smartphone that the Cupertino-based giant released that is bigger than 4-inches which, obviously, got the interest of both the haters and Apple fanboys. Another reason why we think that the iPhone 6 topped Yahoo Philippines list is because of the

7 weird gadgets that we want in the Philippines

Relevance: 86%      Posted on: September 23, 2014

Tech gadgets vary from category to category – there are smartphones, smart watches, and even smart eyewear. Others, because of their cleverness and function, can also be considered smart devices themselves. Here are 7 weird gadgets that we still want in the Philippines. Beauty and the Geek Need a new pair of pants? The Beauty and the Geek jeans combines style and functionality as it comes with a built-in QWERTY keyboard, mouse, and even speakers! The keyboard is tailored at the leg area with a secret pocket for the wireless mouse. Meanwhile, sound comes out of the stereo speakers located…

Techbox to hold Mega Gadgets Sale on December 12-15

Relevance: 83%      Posted on: December 9, 2014

Techbox Philippines, a retail chain that offers original handsets, tablets, and accessories, has announced that it will have its Mega Gadgets Sale on December 12 to 15. According to Techbox PH, the Mega Gadgets Sale will feature up to 80% discounts from brands such as Apple, Lenovo, LG, Nokia, Sony, and others. The sale will be held on December 12, 13, 14, and 15 at 2299 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. You can check Techbox PH's Facebook page here for further announcements.

Google Gadgets on your webpages

Relevance: 83%      Posted on: October 5, 2006

Google Gadgets are miniature objects made by Google users that offer cool and dynamic content that can be placed on any page on the web. Gadgets might come in handy when you're at work (to-do list, currency converter, calendar), at school (calculator, Wikipedia, translation tool), or just passing time (news, blogs, games). You can add gadgets you like to your Google personalized homepage and, if you have Google Desktop installed, you can also add gadgets to your computer's desktop. Here's my favorite one: Bejeweled! The Google Gadgets used to be only available with Google Page Creator but they've just opened…

Top Searches for Gadgets & Handsets by Google PH

Relevance: 75%      Posted on: December 8, 2012

As the year is nearing its end, we look at the last 12 months and wonder what Filipinos are frequently looking for especially with gadgets, phones and websites. We got in touch with local Google reps to get some pretty interesting information. The search terms below are based on data collected by Google for the Philippines with rankings based on volume. Here's the data they gave us earlier this week based on three categories we requested. Top Gadgets: iPad Mini Samsung Galaxy Y iPad 3 Samsung Galaxy S3 iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy Pocket Blackberry Empathy Samsung Galaxy S2 Nokia Lumia…

The Best Gadgets of 2010

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: December 27, 2010

The year 2010 is closing in and looking back in the last twelve months, there were tons of new products introduced this year. I've got my line of favorite gadgets this year but I also like to get my readers opinion which are the best products were introduced in 2010. From notebooks to cellphones and other tech toys, there's just too many to choose from and the contenders are pretty competitive too. Apple introduced a slew of new devices -- from the iPhone 4 to the iPad and the latest Macbook Air. The year 2010 can be considered the year…

Gadgets We Bought and Reviewed in 2013

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: January 2, 2014

Each year, we set aside a budget to acquire and purchase gadgets so we can review them early and share them with you before you decide to buy them yourselves. It was no different in 2013 as we continue to deliver fresh and original content by buying our own gadgets. Acer Aspire S7. This was our first purchase of the year -- an 11.6-inch Aspire S7. Acer gave me a discount and a free extended battery and I've been using it for more than 9 months before the battery conked out. Fortunately, I got the new 13-inch Aspire S7 which…

LG G2 officially gets its latest Android update

Relevance: 71%      Posted on: January 16, 2015

LG's flagship back in 2013 has officially received its sweet new update. That's right --  the South Korean company has rolled out Android 5.0 Lollipop for the LG G2 and is ready to be downloaded to your devices. In addition to the recent roll-out of Lollipop to the HTC One (M8), the original Korean versions will initially get the update OTA. You'd have to wait a bit more if you got your unit from a telco. But if not, you may check your system update right at this moment. For those unfamiliar with the new functions of the latest Android…

Poll: How many iSteve gadgets do you own?

Relevance: 71%      Posted on: October 6, 2011

In commemoration with the passing away of Steve Jobs, I'd like to run this little poll as some sort of offering for The Man -- how many iSteve gadgets do you have now? Many people have been touched by Steve's genius and innovation thru the products produced by Apple. Here's my list: Macbook Air 2010 & 2011 Apple TV 2nd & 4th generation iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4G iPod Nano 6G iPod Shuffle 3G iPad 1 & 2 + Dock Apple Superdrive Apple Wireless Keyboard Magic Mouse (Got a couple more iPods around but seem to have lost…