Does Google favor its own? (BlogSpot)

Been joining several SEO contests in the last couple of years and only recently did I noticed that Google seems to be giving favors to its own products and services.

Take for example YouTube. When it was not yet bought by Google, you don’t see videos in the search results. But now, just look at the Google search results:

Google Youtube

So, let’s just say that Youtube video for the keyword “thriller” is appropriate in the results. Why not put videos from Revver or Metacafe too? Why just YouTube? Does Google have a preferential bias towards its own? Looks like it.

How about Blogger? Just this afternoon, one of my workshop participants, Joaquin Vocos, used Blogger instead of for his blog. A few hours later (about 3 hours), he was already ranking in the Google search results for his name.

Joaquin Vocos

The other blog posts and pages that had his name published on an earlier date on are nowhere to be found. All of the results are coming from BlogSpot.

The lesson — if you wanna be indexed very quickly, use BlogSpot. Because Google loves its own. But don’t you think it’s a little unfair?

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  1. that’s why i’m sticking it out with blogspot. though not as many themes and features compared to wordpress, blogspot is easy to learn. maybe if they have a premium blogspot service, I would gladly upgrade.

  2. And now, Knol. Goodbye to independent blogs as informative sources?

  3. If SEO matters to you, go with Blogger. If it doesn’t, go with WordPress. If it sorta matters to you, create a mirror Blogger account that points to your main site.

  4. It’s a rather obvious thing. You use google search… ofcourse their stuff would come out first. Resistance is futile!

  5. Wrong! Google Search does not favor any Blogspot, or Blogpots, blogshot or whatever! Gaining a good ranking on google search depends on the traffic your site is receiving, probably that guy’s old wordpress blog didn’t get so much traffic.

    And speaking of traffic, your blog should be defined clearly in terms of keywords. I own a wordpress account, and by the Grace of God, it’s really getting a lot of hits because every post is being tagged accordingly.

    Google is not favoring YouTube, it’s part of an upgraded feature of Google search that allows YouTube videos to be included in the search results. YouTube has the largest collection of videos.

    Lesson: Use blogspot? NOPE! WordPress is way better than Blogspot! Try it.

  6. It’s not a surprise if Google favors their own products.

  7. Caspian Graca Da Silva

    hey, well of course google will enter a direct video link from youtube on the google search, because that is part of their company, it’s fair enough in my opinion…

    of course there are other public video databases, but there is always the chance of freudulent content, google’s mass of staff try to keep upto date on all content and make sure it’s correct and accurte, but the magority of that will be within it’s own database.

    i don’t wanna cause a stir or anything but, google in general always keep in mind about the freedom of information, and it’s their main goal, even all the pirated content that is put on google, google got in a bit of trouble for all this, but they’ve been fighting to try and get videos of tv shows and movies on youtube for free (for us, using thier great skill at advertising, with out anoyence)

    and video’s are only one example of what google does.

    i wouldn’t compare google to microsoft, never, sure alot of microsoft’s staff are completly inocent of any branding and corporate sponsership, but there is a basis that staff have to work upon, and microsoft always force thier own premotion above the point of the product. :P

    nice to read the blog, hope to hear from ya.

    – Caspian Graca Da Silva

  8. Perhaps google just trust blogger more because it has no broken links, perfect formatting and design perfection in their eyes.
    My blogs always do better on google then on Yahoo or msn.

  9. I just created a blogger account last week and made a post. Lumabas lang ang site ko sa google search engine after 2 days then ngayon, wala na ulit! Why oh why!!! Google have you failed me?

  10. that was true. i tried to post about friendster skin on my newly establshed blog.. for a newbie like i rank 12 on the serp.. not bad.

  11. Yeah, as much as I love Google, sometimes it’s hard to take them seriously as a “resource” when they so blatantly put their own products in front of everyone. And let’s not even talk “don’t be evil”…

  12. just read this 2007 today (12/08), and i’ve always noticed Google has consistently given top preference to its subsidiaries/affiliates…..that’s also why I’ve kept my blogsites in “” even though i’ve moved just recently most contents found in those sites to “wordpress” (which blog service i noticed recently to be more user-friendly)….but what more can i say about google? it’s just being very business-like in its behavior just like other huge businesses out there! & this is actually, being strategic! ha ha ha!

    best – Jerome

  13. It’s fair I think. I’m not an anti WordPress or what. Heto pa pansin ko, lakas ng algo ng blogger. Kahit may nauna na nagpost sa akin na blog site with the same content tapos hindi blogspot gamit nya, una pa rin ako sa engine nila. Tapos nagbigay pa ng pr 3 yung google sakin in 2 months. Nakakaloka! Buti na lang nag CD-blogspot ako hehe

  14. yes, i agree.. google loves google..
    and some people using it for their SEO advantage..

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  16. its still misteriously

  17. What does a fat topic got something to do with google. ^^^. They really are in favor of blogspot I should have chosen blogspot than wordpress.

  18. how about a custom domain name hosted in

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