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March 20, 2007

How Google ranks results in Blog Search

This one is specific to Google Blog Search which is a separate one from the main Google Web Search. Via Steve Rubel, Google Operating System writes an explanation on how a blog post or blog entry is ranked:

Positive signals

* links from blogrolls (especially from high-quality blogrolls or blogrolls of “trusted bloggers”)
* links from other sources (mail, chats)
* using tags to categorize a post
* PageRank
* the number of feed subscriptions (from feed readers)
* clicks in search results

Negative signals (spam signals)

* posts added at a predictable time
* different content between the site and the feed
* the amount of duplicate content
* using words/n-grams that appear frequently in spam blogs
* posts that have identical size
* linking to a single web page
* a large number of ads
* the location of ads (“the presence of ads in the recent posts part of a blog”)

I’m surprised that feed subscription is part of the positive factors. Again, the number of ads that you put into your blog is also considered — now that’s a nice way of balancing content and advertising. We all know money is the single biggest reason why spam is still growing (could be a multi-million dollar industry).

9 Responses to “How Google ranks results in Blog Search”

  1. KidBlogger says:

    I was surprised also that feed subscription is also a factor.

    Nice tips kuya yuga!:)

  2. Marc says:

    >>> We all know money is the single biggest reason wh

    Putol pre :)

  3. jhay says:

    “Linking to a single web page” – ouch for PPP bloggers, ;)

  4. G says:

    What does it mean “linking to a single webpage”?

  5. Baraghal says:

    Yuga eh! I have this website its simply a meta search engine which spiders on all major search engine. Could it be monitize? what you thing?

  6. Idris says:

    Grt post yuga… can you give me some tips to conduct A/B testing? i read many articles but none of them turn to be fruitful. If you have hands on experience in conducting A/B tsting plz let me know…

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