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Have had less time to blog (and bloghop) due to the recent mishap with my PLDT DSL connection. I have already paid my dues last Wednesday but until today, only the landline connection have been restored; no internet still. Likewise, other blog projects took most of my time while others have been left hanging on the sidelines. Yes, one or two more blog projects are coming this month (hopefully).

While watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night at the Rockwell, it dawned to me that I haven’t concretely outlined my Blog Goals for the year. So, I thought this would be the best time to write them down.

My Blog Goals for 2005

  • Continuously increase my blog content by posting at an average of 1 post per day.
  • Create a custom WordPress theme from scratch.
  • Establish an efficient and convenient method to publish via mobile blogging.
  • Increase average revenue to $150 – $200 a month from Google AdSense.
  • My own WP plugin as well.
  • Increase my Google PR to 7 (but 6 will do).

I would have had a longer list had I posted this early this year. Thankfully, some of the goals I was supposed to list have already been fulfilled. :)

Do you have your own blog goals for the year? Why don’t you share them here. ;)

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  1. Uhm uh… $100/month adsense revenue? Kahit yan nalang. Di yata goal yan eh. Parang wish ang dating.

    Ah… 1000 daily average hits nalang baka pwede pa. Reachable. Konting galing pa sa pagsulat boy.

  2. Kates, 100 a month is very doable. You just need some luck. ;) Seriously, try not to focus everything on a single weblog. It’s much easier to earn utilizing a small pool of weblogs with specific topics of interest. It requires more work, but it’s the way to AdSense revenues. Almost all probloggers maintain several sites. Think “long tail.”

  3. markku: will that tactic (several sites) work if i just work on, say, a subdomain?

  4. rain, I believe it will. I have several subdomains right now, using two main domains. I think the key to this is you need to have one fairly high-traffic, high-pagerank blog/site. You can use it as a launchpad for things, like linking to other articles on your other weblogs. My main weblog has a pagerank of 6, though it isn’t my main adsense provider. I also think being first in writing about a certain topic greatly affects your relevance to that topic.

  5. I would prioritize quality first before quantity. We don’t want to spread multiple blogs too thinly. As long as you can maintain all your blogs regularly (fresh content!), it’s still fine.

    Darren Rowse has about 20 blogs but only 3 of them are earning significantly. Our very own Sassy lawyer has at least 5 blogs but only 1 (i.e., the cooking blog; or is it two now?) is raking in enough dough.

    I’ve updated my blog goals to add two more. ;)

  6. Sean’s blogging goal for 2005: Rule the world.


  7. Yuga, having several average-earning blogs is much easier to achieve than two or three really good ones. It really isn’t that easy now to get to the top since everyone is talking about almost every single topic there is.

    Regarding pagerank, 7 or 8 is quite a long shot, I think. I think we need to write extremely well and be lucky to get to that. Or write something as big as WordPress.

  8. I’d agree with you that it’s easier that way. But one has to consider other factors as well when putting up multilpe focus blogs on their own — niche topic, personal interest or knowledge of the focus blog, abundance of sources, frequency of updates and potential readership traffic.

    There is the risk of it ending like a blogfarm. I’ve seen several of them pinoy blogs already transforming into one — blogs having mostly cut & paste content with the occasional personal notes once in a while. Terrible waste of space and bandwidth just to earn a buck or two from adsense.

    WordPress has a link from every single WP installation in the planet. That alone could have pushed its PR rank to 9.

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