Version 4 after 32 months!

A lot of you may have been shocked at the radical and sudden change of my site. This used to be a folio site with a blog hybrid. The former version 3 (a.k.a. redshift) was more focused on the design aspect of my profession. It was my ticket for new projects, collaborations and business ventures.

But it was old and passe. The title (redshift) for that version was a personal test for me. I didn’t liked the color red at that time. It was never a compelling theme for me but I decided that if I was to be a really good designer, I should be able to make the best of whatever color scheme I am to dabble with. Thus, the shift to the color red.

Now, after more than 32 months of transitional design, I am moving on to new heights. ;)

So, what’s the next challenge? Photography.

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