Adobe switches CS to subscription-based terms

Ever since Adobe debuted the first version of Creative Suite almost a decade ago, it has always been a one-time payment deal for consumers to acquire it. However, that’s about to change starting next month, as the firm moves to a subscription-based business model and renames the software to Creative Cloud.

creative cloud

There are currently two plan subscription options for those who are interested in getting the latest version of the software; $49.99/mo (Php2,050/mo) for the complete package (requires an annual commitment), or $19.99/mo (Php815/mo)for a single app. You can also choose a 30 day free app trial to see if it works for you before jumping in.


However, if you’re an existing CS user (CS3 and above), Adobe is offering a discounted rate should you wish to upgrade your Creative Suite or just a particular software from the suite. Upgrading the entire suite to the latest version will set you back $29.99/mo (Php1,200) which is good for another year. If you don’t need the entire collection, you can also opt for a monthly fee of $9.99 (Php405) for every app that you wish to use. However, this subscription is only good for a month which makes the former offer a more viable choice even if you don’t plan to use the other tools. (See plans here)

If you feel that you’re really not into this subscription thing, you can always opt to buy the latest version of Creative Suite, CS6, for a one-time fee. The only problem with this route is that you’ll be missing out on the latest features because CS6 will no longer receive the same update as the Creative Cloud version.


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  1. I actually like this new implementation of Adobe. It will dramatically reduce software piracy and allows flexibility over use among several connected device. But I find it quite expensive.

    Btw, they’ve also released new hardware to work for creative cloud: Project Mighty and Napoleon Ruler: Adobe’s First Hardware Devices For Creative Cloud

    • Right on Albert! :D

    • Yeah.. If they’re reducing the piracy and all the profit will go to their wallet. They should might as well reduce the price to 1/3. Since its a subscription you’ll they’ll now get a steady flow of income

  2. arvinsim

    I’m pretty sure this will have a BIG impact on onlocal BPO’s that are using legit copies of the Adobe suite.This might become too expensive for them. Not to mention that your files will be useless once you stop your subscription

  3. Iyan Sommerset

    This is my cue to learn GIMP.


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