Android 4.0.4 update now out for Galaxy S2

Just days after the official ROM leaked on the web, Android 4.0.4 update for Samsung Galaxy SII has begun to roll out with Russia getting the update first and followed by other countries in the next coming months.

It may not be the Jelly Bean update that you’re hoping for, but it’s a good start. According to our source, the update can be done via OTA or Samsung Kies. This update aims to fix some bugs and improve the overall stability and performance of the SGS II.

If you think that “in the next coming months” seems too long of a wait time, our source provided a step-by-step instruction on how to get the update manually. Just a reminder, we will not be responsible for any damage that this manual upgrade will cause to your device.

A lot of you got disappointed with our recent post about your beloved Samsung Galaxy S2 probably not getting the buttery OS. But credit my fellow guest writer for clarifying in his article that these are just speculations for now and therefore should be taken lightly.

“There aren’t any basis for these findings and the words that we need to hear should come directly from Samsung themselves.”

In our humble opinion, it’s still too early to call if Samsung will indeed give SGSII users a taste of the Google’s buttery OS. Heck, the search giant still hasn’t released a Jelly bean update for their own devices (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus Q) let alone for other devices.

For now we just have to wait and see how this will all turn out but this small incremental update should tell us that the once King of the Hill is on the right path on getting an Android 4.1 update if ever there will be one.


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  1. giogagz

    Sir yuga android 4.1 is rolling out now on galaxy nexus. My galaxy s2 malamang sa malamang pababayaan na ng samsung dahil sa bagong flagship nila s3. Ang idadahilan na naman cgurado ako ay due to hardware limitations. S2 compare sa galaxy nexus lamang ang s2 in terms of hardware.. May nabasa aq sa net na value pack ng jelly bean ang matatanggap ng s2.

  2. “Heck, the search giant still hasn’t released a Jelly bean update for their own devices (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus Q)”

    The writer must have been in some of hibernation because Google has already started rolling out 4.1 on Galaxy Nexus.

    • Turonbulaong

      Sorry for that. At the time of writing, the update was not yet officially rolled out. Thanks for the tip by the way.

  3. mutt0mbu

    sana naman maayos na nito ang wifi na nag ha hang pag ini on.

  4. mutt0mbu – yes me too.. workaround is to put it on airplane mode and wait for about 1-2mins. airplane mode off then you’ll see wifi is switch on now.. else hold power for 10 seconds to reboot.

    oh btw yuga, 4.1.x is out already… :(

  5. S2 user

    Sir Yuga, my version is 4.0.3 and I tried to update my S2 using Kies,, it says that I have the latest firmware.. so wala pa talaga ang 4.0.4 dito sa pinas. ryt?

  6. Turonbulaong

    Yes probably but your device can also be a factor. Just like our recent post about Galaxy Note getting a 4.0.4 update, not everyone has already received this update. For now, just keep checking on your Kies once in a while for the update.

  7. wyndle

    sana may update na sa pinas, kahit ung 4.0.4 lang, kahit wag muna jelly bean, tagal ng release ng samsung ng mga update, fuq,… jellybean asan na u?? we want jelly bean for galaxy note asap,

  8. May update ba via kies if rooted ang phone but using official ICS 4.0.3 firmware?

  9. Huli tlga ang pinas for updates…i have my gnex from smart and wala p rin ung jelly bean update. every day ko chinicheck now for updates and still wala p rin haaayz…so excited pa nmn. sabi this july but wala p rin


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