Android 4.1.2 update for Galaxy S3 now out

We’ve been seeing the update alert for Android 4.1.2 on our Galaxy S3 for several days now but the update is still queued by request. This morning, we finally got our turn to finally download the update.

Android 4.1.2 fixes some bugs and minor enhancements into Galaxy S3. The update is about 153MB in size.

To update your device, just connect to a local WiFi and go to Settings -> About and hit Update.

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  1. I update my S3, and I turnoff vibrate and haptic, but still it’s vibrate…. I think there is a bug on the update …

    please need help.. I want to turn off vibrate things

    • same happening to me. even after turning everything off, the vibration when answering or recting a call keeps happening. i even did a factory reset but the result is same.
      Have you been able to solve the issue??

  2. Maria Valquiria added you as a friend.

  3. jhepoyski

    the update went well we are still exploring the new features.

  4. I got mine updated last week pa. The update brings a lot of improvements and it’s got few new features like multi-window and you can already change the things to put in the notifications. So far so good for me.

  5. was able to install the update on last week like lolwut. I don’t own S3 but I maintain my friends phone. can’t afford one but been exposed to high-end phones. tingin kasi nila sakin sa office e greenhills lol

  6. Anjo Rafael

    Updated just this morning! still exploring the new features. If I’m not mistaken, this is the Premium Suite update, tama po ba?

  7. Hello how can i update help me pls

    • Anjo Rafael

      Settings > About Device > Software Update

      or you can also try updating using Samsung Kies. :)

  8. Tried to update my s3 via Wi-Fi, says “No update available”. Bakit?!?

    • Where did you get your S3?

      Samsung is sending the updates by region. Its possible that your region is not yet supported by the update to 4.1.2.

  9. Have your notice the new toolbar? how it can be customized to place new app icon?

    The toolbar appears when you started s3.

  10. is there any complete/patch note for the latest update?

  11. Is it me or the SMS messaging app became slow after the update. I mean hindi na cya smooth i scroll lol just an observation I can live with it naman XD

    • Hi Yeye,

      try to turn off the “delete old messages” option.

      Go to messaging > message setting > delete old messages.

      And/or try to delete some for your messages as well.

      Hope that works for you too.

  12. Yung sakin eh na-stuck na sa 4.0.4 and I dunno what to do next just to update this device! It is just so depressing! T_T

  13. Guys ,

    Any feedback on the battery performance of your S3 after the update?

    Some people are saying their S3 battery drains faster now in 4.1.2 than in 4.0

  14. Kelan ang update for SGNII(GT-7100)

    just asking.. medyo excited ako sa bagong update.. for performance boost.. and yung S Pen effect haha

  15. after update lost my mobile data cnt connect to mobile data

  16. after update lost my mobile data cnt connect to mobile data anyone help me to remove the update thank you

  17. any news when will 4.2 be available to our region?Photospherrrre!!

  18. hemanshu

    I lost my mobile data connection too. Not sure how to get it back please advice if anyone has a solution.

    Thank you

  19. millamelissa

    heyy. question lang. i’ve had the latest firmware for my s3 by january pa but i haven’t installed it yet since i’m afraid that all my installed apps will be deleted. If i click install all, will the latest update erase all my data and reboot again or my apps would still be installed? PLEASE. i need answers. Thanks! :)


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