Android 4.2.1 ported to ASUS TF101

Just when we thought that there’ll be no light at the end of the tunnel for our Asus Transformer Pad TF101, RaymanFXof XDA-Developers comes up with an AOSP-based Android 4.2 build for the convertible tablet.

Being an AOSP-based build, the custom ROM brings almost all the things that Jellybean has to offer such as Multi-User support (up to 8 users), Quick Settings access (top right hand side) and Gesture Typing-enabled keyboard.


As with other custom ROMs, however, you have to bear in mind that you’re likely to encounter some bugs along the way and some stuff will not work as it should after you installed the OS. Some of the things that RaymanFX noticed that is currently not working on the v0.5.0 includes Bluetooth, both the front and rear cameras and the Microphone. He plans to iron out these issues on his future build/s (v0.6.0), in fact he may already have fixed the rear camera as it seems to be working fine when users tried it.


In spite of these red flags (and some other issues they’ve encountered which was not mentioned on the Change log such as Google Now), users who have tried RaymanFX’s build seemed pretty happy with it which suggests that the build is totally functional. If you like to try out the build, you can head on over to the source link below.


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