BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5 getting BB OS 10.2.1 update

All the new devices like the BlackBerry Z10, Q5 and the BB Q10 are getting the BB OS 10.2.1 update starting yesterday which introduced a host of new improvements including an unlock of the built-in FM Radio tuner.

The update is already available to some versions of the BB Z10 and Q10. We tested it out on our own units — the BB Q10 (SQN100-3) got the update right away while the BB Z10 (STL100-1) got the 10.2.0 update which is 445MB, then another update placed it to 10.2.1 as well.

The other BB Z10 (STL100-3) have yet to receive them and is still at 10.1. This is the US unit we bought from last Cyber Monday for just $199.

The 10.2.1 update is about 644MB in size and takes some time to install.

The roll-out is quite gradual so some units might not get the updates as early as the others.

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  1. who cares?! hehe!

    • probably the people who owns them.

    • Me! I’m now deleting some apps because they are already embedded within the OS. I now have an offline reader for browser, flashlight, device monitor, data monitor, and many other features. Now who needs apps when they are already there?

    • I care! I’m loving BlackBerry 10 more and more everyday. I started using it just as a business phone. I also have an Android which was my personal and primary phone but it’s slowly getting useless for me, especially now that I can enjoy more Android apps on BlackBerry. I can now bring just one device anywhere, and it would be a BlackBerry.

  2. i can now install android apps like instagram, zite, utorrent using amazon and 1mobile market. :D

  3. YugaGrammar

    Both the BlackBerry Z10, Q5 and the BB Q10….

  4. Yep installed the update this morning. Surprisingly fast for an almost 500mb update (Globe – hence the surprise). I haven’t seen all of the changes but the most obvious is battery level indicator. You can see the % of your battery charge – was planning to get an app for this but I guess I don’t have to anymore.

    • Law_ren22

      Hi, is there an option on the latest update regarding auto brightness? Is there a toggle to turn on or off the auto brightness?

  5. I believe the Z10 will not have the FM radio as it doesn’t have the hardware. Q1O and Z30 will have it but not sure about Q5. Also I heard the update supports android apps now. You can install it as long as it’s not connected to google play.

  6. thecorrescode

    Is BlackBerry still relevant?

    No one in their right mind would give a damn fuck about an antiquated and piece of shit brand like BlackBerry.

    • You might be talking about the antiquated BlackBerry phones such as Curve and the likes. Yes they are really old. But definitely not BlackBerry 10. I enjoy it a lot.

      Based on what I read on different tech blogs, it seems that there’s still a lot of readers and even the writers still think that BlackBerry 10 is that old BlackBerry they love to hate.

  7. clickthecity

    you’d be surprised how many still own blackberries. and you may not be one of their target market(?) nonetheless, some prefer physical qwerty-boards.

  8. I own an iphone, samung note and blackberry. I cant imagine my day without my blackberry. I get 200 emails a day. Ang hirap sa kamay ng iphone at samsung. I use my iphone and note if feel ko lang maglaro, pero when it comes to business emails, bb talaga. Walang kapantay

    • Agree! Meron din akong Android. I love it but mas nagagamit ko na lately ang BlackBerry Z10 ko, lalo na ngayon siguro. It also has good games a.

  9. knives80

    For those who did not receive the OTA update. You can always use SACHESI software to manually update your BLACKBERRY 10 phones. Tried and tested! Just remove the SIM when doing the update.

  10. Updated my Z10! Nice nice update! Installing Android apps is now very easy (I remember how hard it was to install Instagram)

  11. who cares?!
    i am still using a blackberry pearl 8120 bb os 4.5 for emails, bbm and twitter. still working so why replace(fix) it if it ain’t broke.

  12. laysongbird

    Still waiting for update… :(

  13. laysongbird

  14. newbie with z10 how do i install android apps on my bb? or where can i have it downloaded? i’m not really techie so i need help.

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