Cider makes iOS apps run on Android devices

Ever wanted to try out apps that are iOS exclusive? With Project Cider, it’s not that far off. There’s a possibility of seeing a future where app exclusivity no longer exists. More about it after the jump.


Cider is developed and designed by the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University and is basically “an operating system compatibility architecture that can run applications built for different mobile ecosystems, iOS or Android, together on the same smartphone or tablet.” It means that running Android apps on an iOS device is also possible. The goal of Cider is to tear down the walls of exclusivity with different apps and let everyone have access to them, regardless of what operating system they’re running.

Watch the demo below to see a Google Nexus 7 run apps from the two long-competing companies like they’re close partners now.

Making use of the apps’ entire functions, however, might be where it gets complicated since one of the reasons why some are exclusive is because of their patented hardware or unique software features. In short, a lot of legalities will be involved but it’s still feasible.

Although that may be the case, we’re convinced that the point of this project is to simply show that programs could work and are possible to function even across platforms. It leads us to the question: If you were to be granted to have an app that’s exclusive to a different OS, what are the top softwares would you want to try?


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  1. Rainbow Rat

    Facetime on both platforms.

    I guess Apple will not be so happy with this and is getting their lawyers ready for another claim.

    • abuzalzal

      facetime daw. app nga diba. tanga lang eh.


    • HateStupid

      Ano ba sa tingin mo yung facetime? Bago ka magtanga magisip ka din muna.

    • nyahaha!

      Hindi daw App ang Facetime, Pre-Installed App daw yun. Wahahaha! Epic! LOL!

    • Tanga ka nga naman. Hindi apps ang Facetime. Apple App!

    • rainbow rat


      bili ka ng utak.. baka may sale sa lazada. Pwede mo swap yung sa iyo.. malamang maraming makipagswap kase slightly used..

    • rainbow rat


      bili ka ng utak.. baka may sale ngayon sa lazada..

      Check mo din sa olx baka may makipagswap sa iyo.. swerte nila “slightly used” yung sa iyo.

  2. ano to? parang emulator for android?

  3. Enric

    kasama na po ba yung stock applications? katulad nung music, message, phone, weather, clock etc.

  4. Interesting, I wonder if it doing virtualization or doing some sort of on-the-fly translation ala wine. I guessing the later, since both hardware are under ARM design and it’s a matter of getting the iOS instructions converted into Android. The lag in the page scroll and stutter in the 3d game demo seems to indicate it.

    Just a hypothesis.

    This app could get approved in Android, but I think this will only be available on Jailbreak for the iOS.

  5. Sunday

    hopefully, may counterpart din ang iOS.

    Exclusive Android APP running locally in iOS.

  6. les02jen17

    ang gusto ko lang na app (actually hindi app, kundi game) na maging android compatible is Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions. Mas OK kung i port ng squaresoft yun sa android! PPSSPP emulation pwede naman kaya lang mabagal parin kasi. :(

  7. Benchmark

    Well, I hope I could run full IOS on my Motorola Droid. Its not that I don’t like android, but for me, some ios apps is much more stable than in their android app counterpart. Just my personal experience.

  8. Ang ayaw ko lang sa iOS pag nag sign up ka at kung sa pilipinas ka hindi ka makakadownload ng Instagram Kik, etc. pero Facebook lang ang pwede . Hmfp !!!

  9. abuzalzal

    This is perfect for Cherry Mobile phone. I want my CM phone running a iOS app such as Facetime. Yeah!

  10. wow, parang wine at crossover ah. pwede..

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