Copy text from images using this browser extension

You can now easily highlight, copy, and translate text from any image in the web using this browser extension. Meet Project Naptha.

Copying text normally found on webpages is easy to do. Just do a few mouse clicks, a keyboard shortcut, and you’re good to go. However, that’s not the case when you’re dealing with text that are embedded on images like comics, screenshots, or memes. Project Naptha aims to provide you that convenience by allowing you to copy text from any images the way you would with normal text.

one does not simply meme

Project Naptha is a browser extension that “automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web.” Just hover your pointer over the words you want to copy and it will change into the I-cursor. From there you can highlight, copy, edit, or even erase the text from the image.

project naptha_example

Unfortunately, Project Naptha only works on Google Chrome as of the moment. If you want to give it a try just download the extension here.


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  1. parang optical character recognition ng pdf?

    eto optical illusion

  2. Ang cool! Magagamit ko to sa trabaho! Thanks!

  3. abuzalzal

    Now I know what you guys are using to “publish” your so-called “articles” here…hahaha, cheaters!

    • liwetan

      That… absolutely makes no sense at all. You mean to say that important news text content on tech are placed on images?

  4. Jedd M.

    This is great whenever I encounter unreadable captchas

  5. Oh, great! Lalong dadami ang iji-GM ng mga teenagers nito.


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