Download Temple Run for Android

The popular game Temple Run which used to be only for the iPhone and iPad is now available for Android devices as well (smartphones and tablets alike). We’ve downloaded it on a number of devices and played with it.

Temple Run for Android was made available in the Google Play Store on March 27 and has been rated by over 11,000 users in the first 24 hours of availability. There’s still no data on how many people have downloaded the game so far but we are looking at hundreds of thousands in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The game requires Android 2.1 and might not be compatible with some of the newer Android smartphones. So far, we’ve identified a few ones that are not compatible including the Smart Netphone 701 and Alcatel OT 990.

It’s a little hard to find Temple Run via the Play Store even if you search for it but you can grab the download here too.

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  1. Techie101

    Meron na people instagram for android! :D Download nyo na!

  2. TO THOSE that think of iPhone users as Mayabang and Just think of them selves and doesnt think of that third world country….I’d reaserch your comments before posting it yes i am an iPhone and iPad user but i’m Also am an Android User it seems that the comments here are Not directed to the Post of “Yuga” but directed torwards Apple Vs Androids….WELL let me tell you this its not about the size….its not about the Hardware inside….. BUT!!! The Interaction of The Customer/ Consumer/Buyer and The ADevice or the iDevice or heck the WDevice and the Developer of that Operating System.

  3. Alam nyo guys, wag tayong gagaya sa mga foreigners.

    Pabayaan na lang natin sila ang mag fliptop debate regarding idevices & android.

    Tayong mga Pilipino, kilala sa pagiging magalang at hospitable. It is a matter of choice kung anong phone ang gusto mong bilhin, igalang na lang natin ang isa’t-isa.

    • I agree pero foreigners rin naman tayo sa ibang bansa. This fight MIGHT never end remember this are two big shot 500fortune companies and they will not stop at being the best in order to have peace we must stop so others will :)

  4. iososo

    naka iphone 4s nga max out naman credit card.. lol!

  5. sana magkaroon ang cp ko na samsung ng temple run

  6. darryldose

    meron po bang temple run sa pc? kung meron po reply niyo na lang sa akin ang link. salamat. :)

  7. elizabeth

    pwede ba mg download ng trun s ainol tablet


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