Fix your blurred images CSI-style with this app

A software engineer has developed an application that lets you deblur any blurred or out-of-focus image almost similar to how you see it on movies and TV shows.

We all have it – blurred and out-of-focus images due to sharp movements or poor camera focus. Usually, those images are irreparable and you sometimes hope that you have a high-tech computer lab and mad photo-editing skills so you can fix the image with a few taps on the keyboard just like what you see on CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). Now you can do it using a simple application called SmartDeblur.

SmartDeblur was created by Vladimir Yuzhikov – a software engineer specialized in image and signal processing. The app was written on C++ using Qt 4.8 and uses a special algorithm to bring details back on a blurred picture. Below is a sample restoration on an out-of-focused image taken by the iPhone 4S.

The restoration is not perfect but it has successfully brought out important details on the image and all I did was adjust a slider within the app. This is very useful if you find Photoshop a little complex.

You can try and download SmartDeblur here then let us know how the app worked out for you.


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  1. MOTHER OF GOD! @_@

  2. Sayang wla pa sa android XD

    • check!

    • It is a windows program, fellow. :)

    • lol so it is XD

      Kala ko IOS app sya since “app” yung nabanggit ni loiue at nakuha yung pic gamit ang iphone :p

      Saving it for my laptop then! Hahaha

  3. With this, you can get a snapshot of blurry CCTV frame, and it might be able to get more detail on what ever you wanted to look at (faces, clothing … )

    Also, will this work on purposely blurred portions of a picture. IE blur senors on videos.

  4. Sana, makagawa din sa video , para dun sa mga Japanese collections , heheheheh.

  5. I just remembered my 1st C++ activity at school @_@

  6. Adobe is working on a similar feature for a future Photoshop version..

  7. not applicable to mac? :(


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