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October 02, 2012

HP releases Open webOS 1.0

HP webOS, the operating system used by devices such as the HP TouchPad, is now available to the community, now known as the Open webOS 1.0.

As the name suggest, the Open webOS 1.0 is an open source operating system meaning developers can use or modify the OS and port it to existing devices such as smartphones, tablets, even PCs. One of the most recent port performed was on the ASUS Transformer Prime. See image below:

To prove that Open webOS also works on PCs, here’s a demonstration of the OS ported on the HP TouchSmart PC:

The team was also successful in porting the Open webOS on a Galaxy Nexus. As of the moment the team is working on getting harware acceleration to work to make it more fluid. Watch the video below:

HP will continue to develop the OS and work with the community in the coming months. This means a better Open webOS and more ports to other devices.

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