Jellybean 4.1.2 update for Galaxy Note now official

We can’t believe that its more than two months since the initial Android Jellybean build for the Samsung Galaxy Notehas surfaced, yet users of the 5.3-inch handset are still stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich. But that’s about to change (and hopefully soon) as Sammy started seeding the update to their already seasoned device.

jelly bean update sgn

Here are the things that the update is said to bring to your original Galaxy Note:
• Improved performance and stability, thanks to Project Butter
• Multi-View (Multi Windows Multitasking) like on the Note II
• Page Buddy
• New Additions in Notification Panel; Notification Panel can now be customized
• Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
• Continuous Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
• Samsung’s Cloud services integration
• Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
• New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
• 2 Home screen modes
• New Notifications bar
• Google Now

The update has been rolled out already, but it may take some more weeks before it reaches our devices, especially those who got their handset with a postpaid plan from local telcos (just like me). If you can’t wait for the update to automatically come and knows a thing or two about tweaking your phone’s OS, you can head on over to this {link}, download the build and manually install it on your device.


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  1. if i manually install the update, the lets say next month theres another update – can i still receive the official update via kies or ota?

  2. Done already… :) I’m on stock 4.1.2 JB Rom. :)

  3. patakpatak

    ikaw naman Sammy patak patak kung mag update pero kung makarelease ng hardware bumabahang wagas!

  4. subeyahako

    check ko kies wala pa naman! ohhh baket!

  5. Can I upgrade to this international ROM even if my G7000 is factory locked (SIM locked to Smart)?

  6. Really? What difference in the process will it entail? I thought it will still follow the same procedure for upgrade as an unlocked phone.

    Please advise.

    Thanks Ronnie!

  7. Received the on the air update today. Pero twice na nagfafail yung installation. Not rooted phone ko. Pano kaya to?

    • kuya taga san ka? bakit sa note ko wala pa!

    • @Dan Same here. I got notified about the update last Sunday. However, it’s only today that I got some extra time to tinker with my phone. Unfortunately, the update also didn’t push through. I’m trying to install Samsung Kies on my PC right now. I’m gonna try to install the update using that method. I suggest you try it too. :D

  8. @Dan, OH and BTW, I got my GNote from Smart and is currently locked. How about yours?

    @Rhia, Where did you get your GNote?

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  10. hay no updates yet… smartlocked… deym…

  11. update still not available for me.
    Samsung note PH open line…

  12. nickolangnickolang

    wala pa din update sakin. any help?

  13. Twice I downloaded the update this morning. It was around 500 MB. Twice I tried to install the update. Both failed. What could be the reason. I am trying to download again using Kies and OTA, but message now was ‘No updates available.’

    • I also had this situation today. OTA did not go through. I got a firmware notification in kies but it freezes on the phone at a stages that says: “downloading…do not turn off target.”
      I can still use the phone though by restarting.

    • I can’t believe it, my last try was a success! I’m not sure though which one of these changes did it:
      1. Turned off pc antivirus
      2. Plugged the cable to a USB port at the back of the PC instead of the front.
      3. Turned on USB debug mode
      Now I feel like I got a new phone! Thanks be to God :)

  14. I already updated mine using kies.

  15. How can I update using the Kies? still no notification on the JB. I’m using Note open line.

    please help!

  16. kenvalendez

    They say that this update will cause your phone to drain battery faster and makes it laggy. Is it true? Will I update my phone to Jelly Bean or I will stick with ICS 4.0.4 Help please!


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