Jellybean update for Samsung Tab 2 7.0 WiFi

Slowly but surely, Samsung has been seeding the Jelly bean update for the devices included on their list. The most recent addition to the Jelly bean club is the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 WiFi (GT-P3110) who joins the SGS3 and Galaxy Note 10.1.


Some French users have already received and it is can be applied via Samsung Kies or OTA update. It’s a bit fascinating though why Samsung released the update for the P3110 and not for its data-enabled counterpart the P3100.

There’s no word when the update will reach our shore and if the GT-P3100 will ever get the update. But as always, we’ll spread the word out once it does.


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  1. Cliff Rosario
    Twitter: connect2cliff

    Waiting patiently. I hope they release the one for GT-N7000 by Q12013

  2. If you are a update lover you would like the list of Nexus devices from Google themselves.I have one and I now have Android ver. 4.2 for my Nexus 7

  3. koki_motok
    Twitter: callmecheezee

    Waaaahhh aching for a jellybean update for my p3100.. d kasi ako nakahintay ng 3g version ng nexus 7..

  4. mojojongiks

    oh yes please! come to daddy my little update.

  5. Hi, a P3100 user here and just wanna share with u guys that I have started to receive OTA jelly bean update from Samsung today. I think they have just started rolling out the update here. :-)

  6. grabe i still dont have the OTA update. sana bilisan ng samsung T_T

  7. can someone please verify? i checked for an update the other day and i am now running jelly bean on my gt-p3110.

  8. so, does kies now have the JB update for P3110?

  9. I just bought a galaxy tab 2 p3110 I happened to update it on jellybean.. it consumed lots of battery, b4 it last up to 7 hrs, when updated it last only for 5hrs….

  10. androidnoob

    @shiela. i just had recently jumped into the android bandwagon. your feedback pertaining battery life after the update will be a really big help for me while weighing the pros and cons of updating to the latest o.s. . im a p3100 user of just 3 weeks. im very satisfied of ics 4.0.2 as of now.


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