Jellybean update for HTC One X, One S this month

Along with the announcement of the One X+, HTC also announced that they’ll start rolling out the Android 4.1 update for the previous flagship device and its mid-range counterpart this October.


The Jelly bean update will also contain the updated version of HTC Sense UI called Sense 4+ which is said to sport a handful of enhancements including two new additional modes on the Camera App and a revamped Gallery app with more viewing options like sorting by location.

There’s no exact date when the update will be released but it is said to start this month, we’re guessing it’ll arrive in the latter part of this month or early November.

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  1. Soul Annihilator

    I find it amusing that there are very few comments since the anti cybercrime law was implemented.

    Kadalasan kapag ganito ang article meron laging nag-aaway na iPhone fans at Android fans LOL.

    Ibig sabihin totoo yung mga matatapang lang sa internet, because of anonymity and lack of rules.

  2. Free po ba to kapag lumabas ung update?OTA po siya?sorry android newbie ako.:)


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