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October 05, 2012

Jolla Mobile to showcase Sailfish OS on November 21

The stage is set for the announcement of Jolla’s own mobile operating system called Sailfish which will be held at Helsinki, Finland on the 21st and 22nd of November.


For those of you who’re keeping tabs with the latest tech news, I’m pretty sure that you guys have already heard something about Jolla Mobile and the group of talented individuals behind it. However, for the benefit of those who don’t know them, here’s a short introduction into Jolla Mobile.

To this date, little is still known about the upcoming OS. But I believe that with a touch of luck and proper funding, Jolla’s Sailfish OS has what it takes to be the third platform behind iOS and Android and maybe even breaking that duopoly. But regardless of the outcome, the mere fact that they’ve come this far is already an achievement in itself.

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6 Responses to “Jolla Mobile to showcase Sailfish OS on November 21”

  1. chinitoguy says:

    Hmmm… So the people behild Jolla are former Nokia’s MeeGo Division that developed the Nokia N9. Interesting… I love Nokia N9. I had plans of buying it but when Nokia announced that it will be the end of it I had my eye fixed on Android only. Good thing that they formed their own mobile phone company. I pray for their success. I really want to see more of that MeeGo OS, now Sailfish OS, in the future.

  2. Ric says:

    I do hope Jolla reaches the Philippines. I considered buying the N900 when it launched and was actually saving up for it. Then Android hit the scene so I waited it out and discovered that Maemo was bound for end-of-life.

    Then MeeGo was announced and N9 was released, but I already was set on getting an Android or an iPhone.

    I now have an iPhone but I am still considering of getting either a Jolla or a Firefox OS powered smartphone, if they ever reach our shores.

  3. Louie says:

    I prefer this over android. it was ‘Love At First Sight’. but of course, they’ll be expensive, once the phones came out. i’ll definitely save for this.

  4. TrueGadgetGeek says:

    I own an N9, twas definitely the right phone for me and still is, And with Jolla (Sailfish), my next true Linux superphone will be just around the corner.

  5. hunter says:

    Although technically speaking Android is a Linux OS, I never really liked the fact that it sits on a Dalvik VM. Thankfully Another true Linux Mobile OS is coming back. I’d have to choose this phone or BB10. well I really hope this comes locally.

  6. wilmer says:

    Sana maupgrade nila yung N9..

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