Local LG G2 finally gets Android 4.4 Kitkat

Locally released models of the LG G2 has finally gotten updates of the latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat this week.

Yesterday, we were able to update our own LG G2 to Android Kitkat.

The upgrade file was 535MB in size and was dated March 7, 2014. The roll-out became available just this week.

The update introduced some system improvements to the G2. Of the lot, what we noticed to be more significant is the more sensitive Knock On function.

This update is the OTA method while the PC Suite method was already out as early as last week.

Battery life was also improved so we’ll have to see if that’s noticeable in the coming days.

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  1. BUGS

    a) hissing/cracking sounds on the left headset when using music player, watching movies, streaming videos online;

    b) Bluetooth consuming battery even if not in use; and

    c) faster battery drain.

  2. 4.4.2 is also not compatible with Xposed framework and IOroot. I’ll stick to JB as of now.

  3. pretty sure na maaayos naman nila ito by next update next month or May, depends on region, kasama sa update ang KnockCode.

    bugz na napansin ko is, yung crack sound din, yun naman is while navigating the phone, listening to music using a headset

    bluetooth is working nga pero off naman, idk why?

    saka sudden unresponsive touchscreen which will last for 5 up to 15 seconds

  4. Haven’t heard the sound issue yet or baka di ko lang madistinguish.

    One thing I am experiencing is yun lag sa pag pinupush un home button. Am using apex pro so not sure kung dahil sa apex ba or what.

  5. Hindi ko pa natry yung unresponsive screen. Other than the hissing sound, naging mas power hungry si G2

  6. abuzalzal

    Punyetang update ‘to! Spot-on yung mga bugs and glitches enumerated above, except for the battery drain issue dahil cguro naka DU battery saver ako, haven’t noticed strange as of yet.

  7. Minadali, dahil naunahan sila ng sony!!!

  8. Wla man ako naencounter na bug as of now pero improved battery life ko
    1 hour ako nag bbrowse ng internet using wifi 2% lang ang nabawas d ko lang alam pag mobile data ang gamit.

    • @kore

      Ilang percent ang brigthness mo sir? nagyoutube ka rin ba? Parang nakakasakit kasi ng loob yang 2 percent mo eh. Samantalang ako mabilis madrain ngayon.

    • Nka automatic ung brightness ko eh. Bka nsa 40% un kc nsa.loob ako ng rum.
      Nka battery saver app din kc ako
      D ko alam bkit 2% lang nabawas
      Baka dahil fully charge ako at nka trickle charge din phone ko nung nanood ako kya gnun.

  9. consume more battery compare to 4.2.2 Jellybean

  10. cheche

    haven’t encountered that bug yet!! and yes, its battery is not easy to drain, it has longer life compare to others! and its speed is much better now :)

  11. cheche

    haven’t encoutered that bug yet, and yes the battery is not easily drain, it has a longer life compare to others. And its speed is much better now!

  12. haven’t encountered that bug yet, and yes the battery is not easily drain, it has a longer life compare to others. And its speed is much better now!

  13. i haven’t encountered that bug yet! and yes, the battery is not easily drained, it has longer life than others. Also its speed is much better now:)

  14. Ms ok sya ngaun s gnwang update. Mas matagal ung battery life nya and mas naging responsive yung screen nya. About sa music naman eh wala pa aqng nararamdaman na issue.


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