Mac vs. Windows: The “McDo WiFi Guide” Revelation

This McDonald’s brochure for the store’s WiFi Guide paints a clear picture between the Windows and the Mac OS X operating systems; but that really depends on where you’re coming from.

The brochure shows step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the McDo WiFi and it clearly shows the Windows operating system taking 2 out fo the 3 pages while it’s barely half a page for the Mac {via}.

There’s a catch though — the instructions for connecting WiFi on Windows OS includes 3 variants — XP, Vista and Win 7; while on the Mac, it’s just one (they didn’t bother separating Tiger, Leopard and Lion).

Second, the instructions for the Windows users assumed that the PC is set up manually and needs to be changed to Automatic. ON the Mac, they assumed the network is set to Automatic.

Of course, depending on what operating system you frequently use, one might have a totally different understanding.

A Mac user would say “reminds me why I chose the Mac in the first place.“.

A Windows user would say “well, now we know who’s the nerd, right?“.

So, what would you say?

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  1. Lezuric

    Hello World

  2. The instructions were obviously made in favor of Mac.

    Windows are not set to Manual IP config by default but the instructions assumed your laptop is set to Manual mode making the process look longer and complicated for an average user.

    Oh well. I’ll just get my self a cheeseburger.

  3. Louie Ang

    The line “So, what would you say?” is just inviting a Mac vs Windows war here. I can imagine the comments now

  4. baka wala masyadong mac users na nakikiconnect so they didn’t bother with the detailed instructions (mas marketable ang pc users tingnan mo walang instructions for us linux users)

    • supernaut

      they maybe thought that you (linux user) are techie enough to know how to connect to any wifi :D

  5. It still depends on which OS you are most proficient with.

    btw… no steps for Linux users?

  6. boggart

    why go to mcdo for wifi? totally takes the fun out of eating your big mac! life. live it!

    • chinitoguy

      And besides eating JUNK FOOD is not healthy. McDonald’s is planning to compete with Starbucks soon. McDo will change its menu and improve its coffee offers. They will also match what Starbucks unique customer service has. I doubt they could do that. So why go to McDonald’s for free Wi-Fi? I still prefer JOLLIBEE or STARBUCKS or even COFFEE BEAN.

  7. Rodrigo H. Madelo Jr

    I doubt. Setting a connection in in Windows is really as easy as the Mac is. You could just click the network on the notifications and choose the available connection you want to connect to.

    The brochure’s instructions on setting up the free wifi, particularly on Windows, contains the manual way to configure the connection. It would be shorter if you would intent to. Same also for the Mac machines, it would really take too much if you will intently make it long.

    So I guess the one who made the brochure is a loyal user of Apple machine(s). And as it looks, he/she doesn’t know the easier way to connect in Windows.

  8. nameless

    Sorry Windows and Mac users. Linux users are the real winner. No need for those dummy instructions. We just know how to make it work :)

    • Ayos! That’s the spirit! If you knew how to install a Linux OS into your machine, syempre dapat alam mo din pano configure mga drivers ng wifi card mo para maging automatic na yan! wala talagang tatalo dun! hahahah

    • +1 we don’t need silly instruction manuals from a clown!

    • darkhorse 427

      amen! ubuntu lts user, no need for instruction! who’s the geek now?!

  9. mac is simply amazing. so neat and powerful

  10. chinitoguy

    This sucks! I am an APPLE HATER and a LOYAL MICROSOFT WINDOWS USER. Stirring a competition between Apple’s OS X and Microsoft’s Windows is good since Windows is coming with revolution with its Windows 8. Can’t wait…

  11. I do not get this post? does this imply the boss yuga is a mac fan boy?

    • fr0stbyte

      You’re stating the obvious. lol

    • Of course not…i still remember he posted once in the past that he will never convert to a mac coz it for sissies..

  12. Disrupjon

    Hi! I have both own a mac and windows laptop, and truth to be told, connecting internet with a mac is as fluid as it gets, 3 years of no hassle whether here at home, at the coffee shop or malls!

    On the other side, If your an advance user, yes, you will have no problem connecting with Windows…That is, If it works all the time.. but seriously, its not! There are times that it just stops working with the connection, you have to restart this, reboot that, some modems or routers needs additional drivers blah blah.. so what you do? You have to manually configure, or add the connection, much like this mcdo flyer is telling us.

  13. What would i say? Well, if you’re a wifi user regardless of OS/system, you should know how to set it up without having to go thru a printed instruction at all..

  14. fr0stbyte

    So uh.. I did it in four steps on my PC. lol

    • only 2 clicks on Windows 7 (click the network icon, then click on McDo wifi) ;)

  15. Funny. Last I checked, connecting to Wifi using Windows 7 only involved clicking the WiFi signal on the notification area, then choosing the network you wish to connect to.

  16. obviously, its biased MACdo! most mac users let people know them. they just cant afford to keep on ground.

  17. Adrian Maaliw

    nice service from mcdo helps mac or windows users to guide for a connection.

    pls dont complicate things. make it SIMPLIFY…

  18. That just about reflect the number of people who use Windows versus Mac- still around 9 Windows to 1 Mac

  19. Apache

    Nice One they based something “BIG” in something “small”. Okay one question? Where are the Mac OS Computer Shop last 1995-Present Just stating the Obvious when I was a kid playing Ragnarok last 1996 first shop I played with I used Windows still then going in different Computer shop and played, I never even in manila Spotted a Mac OS Computer Shop ever so don’t even Compare a simple WiFi Connection to that thing common simplicity is one thing but S********. I think I will just keep it simple enjoy yourself. DISCLAIMERS DO NOT EVEN TRY TO REPLY I WILL NEVER EVEN TALK TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Have Fun  Always Smile

  20. it’s really no big deal, if you really know how to use your computer, whether it’d be a mac, windows or linux laptop, you’d never really have to bother reading a flyer to connect to a wifi hotspot. OS’s try their best to help users do things easily, it just that they have different approaches in their implementation. at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference, it’s what you want to use, or what you are used to.

  21. Simple Logic.

    McDonald’s is not for Mac users. Walang tatambay sa McDonald na naka Mac. Yung may mga netbook lang siguro na nakiki WIFI lang.

  22. doesn’t matter if the instructions are long or short, complicated or simple… macs will always be macs and windows will always be windows… WE ARE GETTING FREE INTERNET WHILE EATING OUR BURGER!!! being a FANBOY is just so OVERRATED!!! just make sure your drink doesn’t spill all over your “80K” laptops…

  23. Naku, pahirapan na rin maghanap ng upuan sa Mcdo nyan

  24. Wilson

    Doesn’t matter. Both can connect almost at the same time. A 1 yr old boy will spend years connecting even using macbook air.

    • of course he will. he’s 1 year old boy who can’t read nor write. How’s he supposed to connect in that instant?

  25. I think those long steps applies only to xp. In win7 all you need to do is click on the network button on the system tray and select the desired network. Right?


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