Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is weirdly amazing

In addition to its sequel, “It’s About Time!”, PopCap has another version in the pipeline – Garden Warfare. As you’d expect, this one is a third-person shooter game with several twists.

Well, for one, the graphics are no joke. Garden Warfare will obviously need a specific amount of power to run; it is expected to come out first for the Xbox 360 & the Xbox One, while PCs and PlayStations will catch up.


Another twist is that, it’s very rare that we get to see games like this. First & third person shooters nowadays tend to be quite mature & violent, and dare I say repetitive as they just add new guns & maps while improving the graphics every year. However, with this one, I think it’s safe to say that most young & mature gamers alike will finally get to meet halfway – killing zombies using fruits and vegetables.

Here is the teaser trailer:

As the gameplay trailer below suggests, you will get to play as different plants with different specialties. There will be healer plants like the Sunflower while the others will specialize in long-range, melee & so on. Bosses are seen here too, with dancing zombies & the like.

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  1. I wonder what programming language did they use to create that game


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