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June 27, 2013

Temple Run for WP8 handset with 512MB RAM

Although the Windows Phone platform has always been criticized for its limited app selection, Microsoft has been taking short strides to include popular apps in to their offering and making sure that it works on most devices. Case of the statement is Temple Run for WP8 intended for handsets with 512MB RAM.

Previously the game can only be installed on handsets with 1GB RAM. As you would’ve expected, a lot of WP8 users were pissed by this and some requested for the game to be made available for lower spec’d devices. True enough, Microsoft delivered.

temple run on wp8

Although I personally don’t see the point of crying over a running game, I have to admit that it sucks not to be able to install apps on your device. I mean it’s bad enough that you have limited app selection, worse not all apps are compatible with all device.

Anyway, if you own a WP8 handset running on 512MB RAM, you can now install Temple Run on it. You can check it out on the source link below.

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One Response to “Temple Run for WP8 handset with 512MB RAM”

  1. Abed
    Twitter: iamogen

    Finally! They should have done this before. This app runs smoothly on my 512 MB RAM phone.

    • tut says:

      ang ganda talaga ng screen ng nokia :)
      lalo na yung bigating handsets nila na may clearblack tapos amoled pa. . .

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