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February 12, 2014

This version of Flappy Bird will drive you insane

It’s sad to see Flappy Bird being pulled out yesterday during its climax. It’s the ultimate test to see how far you can go before you blurt out the F word. But if you think Flappy Bird is brutal, wait till you play this modded version of the addictive game.

Enter Flappy Bird Typing Tutor by Mr. Speaker. To give you a quick info, Mr. Speaker is a Paris-based mobile app programmer who made a web-based version of Dong Nguyen’s game but with an added twist. That twist however, is “more sadistic and demoralizing” as @gilbertjasono describes it. And he’s damn right!

flappy bird typing tutor

Instead of tapping monotonously on your screen, the game would require you to utilize your typing prowess to keep the bird afloat and maneuver its way through pipes. It’s challenging and maddening but it improves your typing accuracy and your mastery of the keyboard.

I dare the keyboard warriors of YugaTech’s comment section to try this one out. Hit the source link below to play the game.

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3 Responses to “This version of Flappy Bird will drive you insane”

  1. benchmark says:

    i only got one point…masaya na ako! hahahahah

    mas ok ito kasi you will be able to practice typing at the same time enjoying it :)

  2. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    reminds me of Typing of the Dead

  3. iloveREUBEN says:

    Ako 4 points lang. Okay na rin.

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