Unofficial Android 4.3 build for Xperia Z/ZL leaked

Two XDA Developers members have recently got their hands on an unofficial firmware for the Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL which brings a lot of improvements to the former flagship handsets.

According to Xperia Guide, the unofficial firmware is meant to be used for as a preliminary build in order for developers to check for bugs and other inconsistencies. So far though, the “Commercial and Journalist” build seems to be working like a charm and can be side-loaded to your smartphone without the need to root it.

xperia zl philippines

But before you go tweaking your phone’s OS, here’s a list of things that the said firmware will bring to your handset.

• White UI just like what Xperia Z1 has on Android 4.2.2 firmware.
• New Camera app similar to Xperia Z1.
• New Xperia home 6.1.2.A.0.1 version.
• New Album app 5.2.A.1.26 version.
• New Movies app 5.3.A.0.18 version.
• New themes and wallpapers just like Xperia Z1.
• You can choose new themes now, as there is “+” option tapping on it, you can download some cool themes from Sony Select app where the navigation bar and status bar color changes like to “blue” and the soft keys icons also.
• New keyboard app.
• No X-Reality for mobile, same old Bravia Engine 2 is there.
• Performance enhancement and Bug fixing.
• Screen calibrated for brighter display.

The unofficial Android 4.3 build can be downloaded on this link and the instructions on how you can flash the firmware can be found here.


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  1. Would this invalidate your warranty? So same as rooting?I

  2. abuzalzal

    Hehe may X-reality at Bravia 2 pa silang nalalaman eh kulelat naman sila sa screen technology lol

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