Windows 9 to be unveiled on September 30?

Report from The Verge tells that the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 9, is ready for preview by the end of September. What can we expect from this new release? Read on to find out.


On September 30, Microsoft might take off the curtains for Windows 9 or codename Threshold. The upcoming version of Microsoft’s OS will feature some cosmetic changes to the current Windows 8.1. We’re talking about the new mini Start Menu, thus integrating the Start Screen into the desktop. The Charms bar feature will be removed as well and expect a few minor UI changes throughout the system.

Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant and Siri-counterpart, has a possibility to be integrated too. Mind you, we should all treat this with a grain of salt since we haven’t heard anything official or even a tease from Microsoft. There are rumors too that Windows RT and Windows Phone is merging. We’ll just have to wait until next month to see how the future of Windows is going to be.


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  1. Microsoft always charge 5-20k for OS that is free with Google. But the bad part is selling a partially completed OS with full of bugs. And the worst part is the fix and completion of the program as part of their after sales service are instead have a theme change and sold as a new OS so they can again charge another 5-20k. Windows 97 to 98, me to xp, vista to 7 and now windows 8 to windows 9. Those who bought windows me and vista are left in the gutter with 2 choices use the crappy os with no fix or shell out another 5-20k for the fixed os sold as a new os. If you wanted a completed windows 8. Windows 9 would probably be a good buy. But if you are just using your computer for internet, videos and office. You are better with an android tablet connected to a keyboard and monitor. If you need to install specialized program or hardcore games. windows 9 is better for PC. But only for PC the windows laptops are plague with intel graphics that are useless for hardcore games or graphic intensive programs. The laptops that have a good graphic cards (not created by intel) are sold 10-20k more expensive. If only Windows and Intel decided to win the race by better products instead of monopolizing what products that can be sold in the market. Android and Qualcomm would never overtake them in the mobile race.

    • Not true. You can update your current Windows OS for free as long as it’s not another version. P5,000 to P20,000 (for business use) is a reasonable price for an original license. Windows is mostly bundled in new PCs so if you buy a new unit you don’t have to worry paying for it. It’s true that Chrome OS is free but they are offered so because they get revenue thru advertisements. Windows is used for servers, corporate datas and other sensitive info services while Chrome OS is for regular consumer use. Why would you want everything in this world to be free? If you don’t want Microsoft charging you for using their OS then don’t subscribe. There are alternative to Windows like Ubuntu (not also free) and other Linux-based environments.

    • Hi prince. I agree with you. Windows sucks… they just make OS and change the UI and make some tweaks and they call it major changes thats windows hahaha… hey archie fyi ubuntu is free and it is better to use than windows. Windows are tying to compete with mac os… They are copying what apple did with their os such as integrating mobile to desktop os. For example mobile apps can be used in desktop. Apple already did that while windows are trying to copy it and they are successful. If you wish to use windows just wait for the crack.. hahaha.. windows is free also. Just use skype or any activation method. Lets destroy windows and use open source like linux and other unix based os like apple although apple is a proprietary but it is more useful and flexible compare to windows…

      Yes to unix based no windows nt kernel based. Any way windows is a copy from a unix based system haha..

  2. MgaWalangPera

    Taena… kung wala kayong pera, wag kayong mag-computer! Ganon lang ka-simple yon!


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