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October 30, 2014

The culprit behind iPod Classic’s death

iPod dominated the MP3 player market for years. It began with the first iPod with a circular trackpad and more variants came after. But just when iPhone 6/6 Plus was launched, Apple pulled the iPod Classic from the store. Why?
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October 17, 2014

RIP: Our hopes for new iPods are dead

When Apple sent out invitations for their event last night, we were honestly hoping for a long awaited refresh of a product line – maybe the Apple TV or the legendary iPods – as the invite spelled out “It’s been way too long”. As it turns out, we got nothing.

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October 20, 2008

iPod Nano 4th gen Review

When the new 4G iPod Nano was revealed, it didn’t made a positive impression on me. It wasn’t anything new at all. Still, I had to give it the benefit of the doubt and take it on a road test (I even got the “4GB collector’s edition” *heh*).

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August 28, 2008

Poll: Which iPod are you?

Reports say that the iPod Nano is the most popular of all the Apple media player line. That’s maybe because when it first came out, it was the cheapest iPod at that time. Now that there are more than half a dozen models, I’d like to see which iPod people buy.

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May 23, 2008

Contest: Tradeport iPod Shuffle Giveway

ipod-shuffleTime for another giveaway. Our newest sponsor, Tradeport, is excited about their re-launch that they’ve decided to give away five (yes, 5!) new iPod Shuffle to our fellow bloggers and readers here.

Here’s the quick and simple mechanics in order to get the chance to win the giveaways:

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January 16, 2008

Ford Sync by Microsoft Auto

We all know Microsoft enters into almost every market imaginable but I didn’t know they’re into the auto industry as well. Ford and Microsoft partnered to produce the ultimate in-car entertainment and communications system called Ford Sync. Just saw a demo of this over at the podcast covering the CES.

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October 09, 2007

iPod Touch: Up Close and Personal

I got my hands on the new iPod Touch yesterday. And despite some minor shortcomings, the device lives up to its hype. Check the details and shots after the jump.

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December 02, 2006

The 5 Generations of iPods

Since an offshore friend brought me a 2nd generation iPod as a gift 3 years ago, I never failed to miss getting a piece of the succeeding ones (she actually found it inside an airplane cabin during her cleaning duty while working in Japan).

So, I got myself a new 5th generation iPod video (30GB, black, not it’s the 5.5gen) even though I just bought a Nano over 2 months ago at the Taiwan Airport Duty Free Shop.

iPod Video 5th Gen

I guess the 2GB Nano didn’t have enough space for me, especially when I’m on very long trips. What actually prompted me to buy one just tonight was the price — Php13,500 flat. Yup, prices are dropping that fast now that the 5.5 gen (and 2nd gen Nanos and Shuffles) has dominated the market.

The regular iPod prices are actually the same one I posted here and the one that I got was haggled a bit down with the guy at Gigahertz Computers in Mall of Asia (but that’s another story altogether).

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May 23, 2006

Round-up of iPods Killers for 2006 did a round-up of potential iPod killers for Summer 2006.

Looking for an MP3 player and you are open to units other than the iPod? I doubt any of these units will be iPod killers (that silly term their marketing departments continue to use), but they do offer a lot of features not (yet) found on an iPod. As we said before, individually there is no such thing as an iPod killer, but together these players can slowly chip away at Apple’s market share. That’s making the assumption that the iPod’s ability to sell three out of every four players is not sustainable. iTunes does lock a lot of users into Apple’s DRM format, so it may be a really slow chipping away.

  • Toshiba Gigabeat S
  • Samsung SBH-300 Bluetooth
  • Sony NW-A1200 with 8GB
  • NEC VoTol
  • Sandisk Sansa e200 Series
  • Oregon Scientific MP121 Measures BMI
  • Samsung YP-U2
  • Viliv P1
  • Viliv P2 with GPS
  • iRiver E10 Subs as TV Remote
  • Panasonic D-Snap SD 330 series and SD 500 series
  • Archos 104
  • Venzero One
  • MobiBLU Cube 2
  • MobiBLU B153
  • RCA Lyra X3000
  • Delkin Revel
  • JVC XA-F107 and XA-F57
  • Acer MP-500
  • Dada Code M
  • iRiver Clix
  • Samsung YP-Z5
  • Maxfield Max-Joy Protects the Ears
  • Lenovo Easy Cube MP500
  • Kiss MP3 Player
  • Sony Thumb-drive Player
  • Tomy Bear MP3
  • Inkel Widetouch 5.6
  • Sharp Music Carry QT-MPA10
  • Memorex MMP8565
  • Memorex 8550 and 3774
  • Shiro AS
  • Evergreen DN-2000 (sells for less than $10! )


Ok, not all of the media players in the list are really worth it — some are just out of the iPod’s league while others are just cutesy. But if I were in a world where Apple does not exist, I would go for Viliv P2 with GPS (yup, GPS) —
4.3 inch color LCD widescreen, 60GB storage, supports MPEG-1/2/4, H.264, DivX, WMV 7/8/9, XviD, MP3, WMA, OGG, AC-3, and WAV.

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March 23, 2006

Strike 2, Nano!

Last January, Everton Blair of Connected Internet graciously sent me a $100 Amazon certificate for being the 500th commenter on his blog.

He had another competition going on for February so as a regular reader I joined in hoping to double that 100 bucks I got the first time.

iPod Nano To makes thing short, I won for the second time.

That bring me to a total of $200 (Amazon certificate) in prizes and enough to get me that Nano, all thanks to Connected Internet.

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February 28, 2006

iPod Nano imitation

Saw an iPod Nano imitation this afternoon at Makati Cinema Square (MCS). More details posted at PTB: Fake iPod Nanos hit Manila

Unless these things are dirt-cheap, I don’t see anybody buying one of these.

For Php3,500, would you?

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January 04, 2006

iPod Photo 40GB for Sale

I’m selling my 4th Gen iPod Photo 40GB. It’s been with me for 10 months now (with 2 months left on store warranty). The entire box that came with the packaging is still there including all accessories plus a plastic clear case and another soft leather by Capdase. You can have it for Php15k in cash.

Got this from Electroworld for Php23,200 (without the case). Why am I selling? Let’s just say I have this habit of selling iPods (this is my 3rd one in just over a year). Ok, I actually want the black one.

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December 03, 2005

The iPod Gamepod 2006

Will this be the future of the iPod in 2006? Apple’s done with music, pictures and videos. Been there, done that — so, what’s next? An iPod Gamepod maybe?

Check this out.

Comes in black and titanium, nice smooth finish, faster processor for videos and games, bigger flash drives (say 16GB to 64GB?), wider screens and a bluetooth/WiFi remote control.

Looks amazing isn’t it? At least the concept is.

Check out the concept of the advanced media player iPlay here. Your ultimate media center at the palm of your hands. More juicy pictures ahead.

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October 13, 2005

Apple and the iPod Video

Okay, speculations are all so true and we now get to buy the iPod Video?

Huwwatt? But I’m still drooling over the latest iPod Nano and now you’re gonna release yet another generation of iPods? This is insane! This is insane! Steve, I am going to get you for this!

The new iPod video comes in 30GB and 60GB as well as a new color — sleek black, that I really like. Five more hours of playback (20 hours), thinner then the predecessors (45% smaller for the 30GB and 10% for the 60GB) and wider screens at 2.5 inches.

I should stop wanting any newer iPods already.

Apple’s iPod Video in the Philippines costs about Php19,5000 from the local dealers. It’s half as thin as the old 4th generation iPods but almost twice the screen size. Still fits in your pocket perfectly. battery life for this baby is just 2 hours when playing videos. It’s not just an mp3 player now, it’s a complete multimedia player – photos, music and videos!

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September 08, 2005

iPod Nano already in stores.

Apple is yet again back from the drawing boards to make us all drool with the new iPod Nano.

After the iShuffle, I thought what else could Apple add to their line of iPods? You have the iPod mini, the U2, iShuffle, and the iPod Photo which they graduated into just the 30Gb and 60GB iPod about 3 months ago.

But lo and behold, the iPod Nano is here with the storage of an iPod mini (2GB and 4 GB) and the size of an iShuffle (available in white and black colors). It’s as thin as a regular pencil and just twice as heavy as the feather-weight iShuffle. Like the iShuffle, it’s light enough that you can wear it around your neck or strap it on your arm. With a 1.5 inch color screen, this baby is off to sell millions for Apple yet again.

Retails for just $199 a pop.

Damn, I want the black one, please.

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June 29, 2005

iPod prices dropped; iPod Photo, no more.

ipodsEarly today, Apple has announced that it has (again) reshuffled it’s entire line of iPods. The price of iPod Shuffle 1GB has been slashed by $20, iPod 60GB is down by $50 and the Special Edition 20GB U2 is now $329 ($20 less). I am sure that local prices will follow suit and official iPod stores around the metro will be holding another iPod sale (probably with BPI SIP).

Likewise, Apple has now dropped the word “Photo” altogether making the entire series with color screen and able to view photos. The iPod 30Gb is no more while the old 20GB has been upgraded to color at the same old price. The U2 version has now a color screen and able to view pictures. Related story from iPodLounge.

It’s kinda irritating now that Apple constantly upgrades the iPod generation so quickly. It keeps me wanna buy a new one (now craving for the 20 GB U2). My iPod Photo 40 GB is now 2 generations obsolete and I only bought it last March thru a BPI sale. I already changed iPods 3 times in the last 6 months!

Get your iPods from Amazon – Apple 20 GB iPod M9282LL/A
In the Philippines, old generation iPods have actually been on sale and cna be had between Php18,000 to Php20,000. I have also seen iPod nanos selling for about Php12,500 for the 2GB version and around Php15k for the 4GB version. The iPod video is also for sale at around Php19,5000. Check out your iPod dealers.

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June 09, 2005

How would you change the iPod?

Engadget asks the question, “How would you change the iPod?”.

  • Bluetooth please! and bluetooth earbuds as well.
  • WiFi, for direct downloads and serving MP3s.
  • FM Tuner, and AM too, I’d like to hear some news as well.
  • Video playback (pref. DivX)
  • Crossfading, ever heard of that?
  • Internal audio recording
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Remote control
  • … and I want a black iPod Photo!

Gimme back my iPod! :D

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May 11, 2005

iPod Vendo

ipod vending machine

From’s Flckr account — the iPod Vending Machine in an Atlanta Airport.

Just swipe your credit card, punch the right buttons and off you go with you new iPod.

Coolness. :)