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June 25, 2015

PLDT Home and Smart Launches iFLIX in PH

The partnership between iFlix and MVP-owned companies PLDT Home and Smart Communications has finally come into fruition as the Southeast Asia’s leading internet TV service finally hits Philippines.

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January 19, 2015

Why We Want a Third Telco Player

There are currently two major telcos in the Philippines right now. In the previous reports that we’ve shared, it’s obvious that quite a number of subscribers aren’t totally satisfied with the service that they’re getting. In this article we list down a few points why we think there is a need for a third telco player in the Philippines.

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July 03, 2014

PLDT to spend Php86 million to double bandwidth capacity

In keeping with the steady rise of demand for high-speed broadband internet in the country, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) has released a statement that the telco is planning to invest $2M to upgrade the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable system 100 Gigabit standards, increasing the bandwidth capacity by 200% in the process.

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June 04, 2014

PLDT TVolution in the flesh, quick hands-on

PLDT’s taking steps into your home with gadgets like the TelPad, and now they’re aiming at turning your TV into an internet TV installed with their services through TVolution. But is the experience a good one? And does it step up your TV viewing into a new level? Read on to find out.

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April 07, 2014

APCN2 fixed, Philippines to expect faster Internet

We’ve previously reported that the country’s Internet connection has been affected due to faulty submarine cables. Today, PLDT has announced that the APCN2 has already been fixed and that normal speeds are now restored. Continue Reading

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March 06, 2013

PLDT hits pay dirt, reports 12% profit growth

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company has recently reported an increase of almost 12-percent (11.99%) on its consolidated income in 2012 which amounts to Php35.5B compared to Php31.7B in the previous year. The company credits this profit upsurge to the success it garnered from various business branches including the acquisition of DigiTel (Sun Cellular).

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October 29, 2012

Globe, PLDT activate landline interconnection in Tarlac

Globe Telecom has announced today its commercial activation of local interconnection in Tarlac between its landline service, Globelines, and PLDT.

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August 10, 2008

Ask PLDT 101-811 Service

PLDT’s new phone service, called Ask PLDT, allows subscribers call 101-811 to ask for information regarding household tips, news, entertainment, biggest shopping events, daily horoscope and jokes, public advisories and other general information. The first 30 information requested per month are free but subsequent requests will be charged Php2.50 each.

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June 09, 2008

SmartBro 3G on its way to HSDPA 3.6Mbps?

With the purchase of PLDT/Smart of CURE, the company now has a wider band for its 3G network. With the largest spectrum of 15MHz, Smart already uses the 1920-1935MHz and the 2010-2025MHz band. The additional frequencies from CURE would practically double its capacity and pave the way for higher 3G speeds.

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May 12, 2008

SmartBro: Largest Broadband Service in the Philippines

Latest public report from PLDT Investor Relations showed Smart Bro as the largest broadband service in the country with over 384,000 subscribers nationwide since it was first launched in June 2005.

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November 27, 2007

PLDT announces Wireless Landline

Looks like Bayantel and Globe are getting some more competition on the wireless landline market. PLDT Landline Plus is the new wireless offering and prices are even more competitive the existing ones.

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July 12, 2006

Fix your ISP DNS Problems

It has been a constant problem not only for me but for a lot of people as well. There are times when I get reports that people cannot see any of my blogs or some other people’s sites I host. Yet, the server is up, there is no problem on the data center and the affected sites load fine from other locations or other ISPs.

Almost all local ISPs have this problem — poor DNS architecture, network congestion, or inadequate peering arrangements — PLDT (esp. Smart Wifi), Eastern Telecoms, Globe Quest (Innove), and GreenDot.

What I usually suggest to people is to reset their modem and reboot. If you’re on a corporate account, it’s also effective to call the ISP’s tech support and ask them to hook you to a different/better DNS server. I do get a lot of arguments with their tech guys thru email exchanges and even if they fixed the problem, they wouldn’t admit the issue originated from their end.

I end up using other tools to show the clients that their site is running fine — free proxy servers, remote ping/traceroute tools, anonymous web proxies.

Then, here comes OpenDNS:

OpenDNS Two things make OpenDNS faster than similar services. First, Open DNS runs a really big, smart cache, so every OpenDNS user benefits from the activities of the broader OpenDNS user base. Second, OpenDNS runs a high-performance network which is geographically distributed (see network map) and serviced by several redundant connections. OpenDNS responds to your query from the nearest location. That means we’re very fast (and extremely reliable, to boot).

Instead of using your default DNS settings, you can use OpenDNS instead. Been using it for a couple of days now and seemed to work fine and somewhat faster.

Here are instructions on how to use it with your PC (if you connect directly to the net) or configuring your routers (e.g. Linksys). Try it and see if you’re still having problems with not being able to view certain sites. Hopefully, it does solve the problem.

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November 20, 2005

PLDT Plan 999

Looks like PLDT is aggressively selling its DSL service, now with a residential package of Php999 per month (PLDT Plan 999) at speeds of 384Kbps. This is the former bandwidth allocation for their Plan 1995 which is now at 512Kbps.

On top that, their Php788 per month for Smart WiFi is being heavily promoted in the provinces.

The Plan 999 was also an old promo for students only but has now been expanded to cover regular residential subscribers. With the introduction of DSL Plan 999, I think PLDT will soon be upgrading existing subscribers to higher bandwidths. Much more that Globe Telecoms is pushing to 2Mbps for Php2,995 (Explore Gold Plan).

The problem here though is that PLDT is so aggressive in selling broadband connections to potential new customers that it has already forgotten about the existing ones. Just read the comments over at the Smart WiFi entry.

I am sure they know that it’s cheaper to retain new customers than to get new ones. Oh, I forgot they have that 1-year lock-up clause.

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April 22, 2005

PLDT DSL increases bandwidth allocation.


Looks like the stories are true. I just checked my PLDT DSL speed at home last night and I was averaging around 480Kbps. That means my previous 386Kbps connection now tops at 512Kbps. Here’s the supposed upgrade that was recently made by PLDT.

512Kbps / 256Kbps for plan 1995
768Kbps / 384Kbps for plan 2500
1mbps / 384Kbps for plan 3000

You can call them up at 171 to confirm this. Sweet deal, huh? :)