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Tag: precinct finder philippines

April 22, 2013

Online tools to help you find your Voting Precinct

The 2013 election is fast approaching and if you haven’t had the time to check the place where you’ll cast your votes, worry not because there’s a pair of sites that you can visit to find out your designated voting precinct.

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Tag: precinct finder philippines

May 08, 2010

Precinct Finder Philippines: May 2010 Elections

Update: See Election Results here.

Find Your Precinct Online this coming Philippines Election 2010.

As the May 10 elections are fast approaching, voters are looking to find their respective precincts to find out where they will vote this coming Monday.

Google Philippines is doing a project to map all the precincts in the country:

Find the exact locations of your voting center on the map. The Philippines 2010 election has seen some changes to the precincts and voting centers. Google is providing an online tool to allow voters like yourself, to place the locations of each voting center on a map. Your contribution helps others find their precinct voting center too!

find precinct online

Go check your precinct here.

Precinct Finder:

To find your precinct, call 101-49 via PLDT land line or 02-902-0400 via Globelines, Globe or Touch Mobile cell phones.

COMELEC Hotlines: 5272772, 5272773

COMELEC: 525-9296, 5259345, 5275574, 5271892, 5259335, 5259294, 5270821, 5259297

PPCRV: 5253476, 5265694, 5260869, 5261417, 5260012, 5236574, 5254992, 5264572, 5262248

NAMFREL: 4704151, 4847590, 0927- 4847590, 9611524, 0919-3389344, 3389344

KONTRA DAYA: 5693427, 0921-5693427, 2953004, 0915-2332413, 2332413

Watch ANC News Live:

Update: See Election Results here.