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Tag: yahoo messenger

December 03, 2012

Yahoo Messenger to shed features on December 14

Yahoo’s Blog has just announced that they will be taking away some of the features of Yahoo Messenger.

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Tag: yahoo messenger

October 27, 2006

Yahoo Messenger virus on the loose!

I’ve been noticing that a lot of people on my YM list are sending me random messages with links to some sites. I’ve had this before and that time it was coming from my end so now I know people are just infected by a new worm somehow.

I also got this form one of my contacts:

PLS BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY! A virus is on a rampage in Messengers. The virus name is WORM_SOHAND.I. It shows itself as an innocent IM with a link to a site and tells you it is about cool pictures. Whne the link is clicked, it takes control of your registry, changes your browsers homepage and disables you to change the homepage! after clicked it also sends itself to everyone in your messenger list. So if you recieve it, please remeber DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! just close the window or read the other offline messages. Warning: it may come from your closest friends to! PLEASE, PASS IT ON TO ALL

Anybody else experiencing this lately? I did a search and it’s not yet showing up anywhere but definitely it’s a virus/worm.

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