BayanTel offers 3Mbps at Php899, 15GB cap

So there you go — another ISP offering capped plans on a faster pipe. I’m sure a lot of you have seen those big billboard ads while plying the roads of Metro Manila. BayanTel has a special package of 3Mbps BayanDSL for only Php899 a month.

That same monthly fee is equivalent to their 768Kbps plan with unlimited bandwidth. So if you think you don’t consume that much amount of data a month, you’d be better off with the capped plan.

But then again, if you think 15GB isn’t enough, the 768Kbps plan is still available for the same Php899 monthly fee. At least you have a choice between two plans at the same price point.

Last month, Sky Broadband also offered a 5Mbps plan capped at 15GB.

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  1. Kikokix
    Twitter: kikokix

    The question is… would they be able to deliver well?

  2. Are the uncapped plans still available? If not, are those with uncapped plans going to be transferred to these new capped plans?

  3. Is there a way to measure the your total bandwidth consumption per month?

    • I LIEK CAT

      For tracking usage, I usually rely on Rainmeter widgets (this is for Windows, btw).

      As for the topic itself, that sounds like a good deal.

  4. leo
    Twitter: leosmorales

    what will happen if you reach 15 gb? would you still be able to access the net at a lower speed? or no access anymore?

  5. GadgetMeister
    Twitter: gadgetmeister

    I would love them to offer a bucket plan equivalent in all of their price points. That will certainly provide more options for us consumers… I hope the trend continues so that Globe and PLDT can make their own offerings of bucket plans…

  6. Gumz
    Twitter: jamesmuga

    great selection… nice move by bayantel…

  7. Vince
    Twitter: Vincent

    “Is there a way to measure the your total bandwidth consumption per month?”

    madami naman bandwidth monitoring programs like netpersec, dumeter, etc. However as many wi-tribe subs have noticed, minsan mali ang bilang ng ISP compared sa bilang mo

  8. wow this is a good news. I am ow thinking of switching from my current ISP to Bayan. They offer better service to be honest. This will force competitors to bring down the cost of their service too.

  9. wow, the competition is heating up :)

  10. spythere

    sir tanong lang po, if available sha sa bulacan. pwede na yan sa computer shop. more on video and internet games lng naman ung ginagawa ng mga clients.

  11. Juddnet


    my net cafe has 17PCs and it consume between 250GB – 350GB per month. (based on my DDWRT router traffic log)

    Thats normal usage from 8am-midnight. Users usually play games and youtube. Not to include I occasionally download pdf and movies

  12. KennyV
    Twitter: KennyPV

    Astig to ah, atleast my choice ka if di ka naman talaga laging nag-iinternet.

  13. internet connection gets cheaper and cheaper! good enough for it to be available for a most people! i’ll stick with the capped plans, though; i’m a bandwidth-hogger!

  14. Ok na din mas marami ang nag co-compete mas nag bebenefit yung end user. Meron kaya yan two years contract?

  15. is the 15gb cap per day or per month?

  16. what if plan 999 ka? 4Mbps 20GB?

  17. natsirht28

    this is a good news for internet users. ,habang dumadami ang kompetensya sa internet plans,,mas ddmi dn ang promos ng ibang isp pra tngkilikin dn sila because of that mas bababa ang per month ng mga plans,this is what i’m waiting for.haha

  18. wakeUpCall

    Haha. 15GB cap? What a rip off. The Brainsuckers ™ must have invaded the Bayantel staff

  19. Is this a better deal than SkyBroadband’s 5Mbps for 999? Parang mas ok yung sa Sky considering same company lang sila

  20. 15gb for a day or for a month? Kasi kung 3mbps ka 1-2 days lang yang 15gb

  21. may ganyan pa kc pabilisin nalang nila yung speed nila sa bawat plan..899 at 1mbps 999 at 1.5 mbps 1499 at 2mbps etc..


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