Casino charges NTC under telco’s payroll

Rep. Teddy Casino made a bold charge against NTC Commissioners that they may be under the payroll of telcos, citing that the Commission has not made any strong regulatory powers over the telcos for the longest time.

Casino also referred to the on-going process where PLDT is finalizing its acquisition of Digitel, making the over-all market share between Smart and Sun Cellular over 70%.

Of course, this is just merely allegations and the good congressman does not have any solid proof to back his claims. Still, these allegations will surely get a lot of support from consumers.

NTC has been running public consultations/hearings since May regarding the PLDT-Digitel deal.

Back in March, PLDT announced it has agreed to buy majority of Digitel (which includes Sun Cellular) in a share-swap deal. We asked people if they think the Smart+Sun merger, of sorts, will improve the carrier’s service and offerings (see story here).


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  1. monopoly at it’s best!

    Globe vs PLDT nalang.

    kawawa ang consumer.

    • asdfgh

      50 million subscriber: patunay na maganda ang service nila. bakit mo pipigilan ang kompanyang maganda ang palakad para lalo pang palakihin ang kanilang business? hindi naman siguro sira ulo ung 50 million subscriber na un para mag-stay sa smart kung pangit sila eh. sa baguio nga sa bundok full 3G signal at gsm eh. samantalang yang Globe at sun na yan hindi matawagan dahil walang signal. super mag-bebenefit ang sun sa infrastructure ng smart.

  2. coollearner

    as an com’ns engineer it became my observation (technically) that NTC is passive and not proactive and lame – now i come to realize that consumerwise they are the same – (hope i’m wrong but i think i’m not) – we need new competent and hard working leaders in that agency that will serve Filipinos – sayang technology driven pa naman NTC dapat dynamic at proactive sila

    • Iyan Sommerset

      They are serving filipinos. A few, extremely rich-ass pinoys. :P

  3. @jay, Do you know what monopoly means? Coz your statements are contradicting. Lol.

  4. so true about the NTC… PH is the txt’ing capital of the world yet our rates for TXT and Calls have not yet changed since GSM mobile services were introduced in PH which is P1/txt and P6.5~7.5/min on calls…

    HOW LAME NTC… Getting 12%evat yet doing nothing at all…

  5. Broadband internet speeds (whether they are fixed line or wireless) are one of the worst in the Asian region. Instead of promoting a future where the Internet is truly accessible to all, the NTC has become the local telcos way of legalizing their greed.

  6. I suspect that it’s not only NTC Officials that are receiving payolas. Some Senators talk as if they are lawyers of PLDT, castigating some Globe Officials. One Senator insist that the Senate should not interfere on the merger. The issue is not who got the right to buy Digitel-Sun, but whether the deal will be beneficial to the consumers or not. The Senate should have acted more properly.

    • asdfgh

      eh kasi naman may point si Enrile. ung globe nakipag-agawan sa Sun sa Smart, then nung natalo sila, biglang inungkat nila ung monopoly issue. ang baduy nila. parang nakipag-agree ka nag ibigay ang pera pagka natalo ka sa laro.Nakipaglaro ka tapos natalo ka, ngayun ayaw mo ibigay ung pera mo kasi mawawalan ka. yan ang ugali ng globe

  7. By having the biggest share, Smart would be able to implement and dictate what standard and technology should be used in the mobile world. Which I think is great considering NFC in mobile phones is starting to emerge in other countries. Unlike with what Globe did with it that was quite limited to MRT and LRT transactions, and it was quite pricey.


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